If the policy makers and stake holders may work hand in hand and implement the one key element in the very best and poised manner, then these youths may be the boon of a nation. And that important element is Education. If they fail in that, then it contributes to the entire disaster of the nation’s social, political and economic aspects. There is nothing more dangerous than jobless, uneducated or undereducated young individuals. The aims and goals of education have changed drastically through each creation. Education should not be something that is static. It needs to be able to accommodate the needs of the people in line with the society they live in. This can be readily understood by identifying traditional education system and modern education system. Education is not a privilege of a specific community or group of individuals.

Today just about all countries have accepted the fact it is the Civil right of a citizen to acquire education. But here comes the real question, does this right to education is executed in actual significance. To make this happen and to make this worthwhile to the people, the education system of all these countries must ensure four facets. Let us find out exactly what these aspects are.


  • Extensiveness
  • Effectiveness
  • Equality
  • Employability

The policy makers and education stake holders should consider many variables while implementing the construction and purpose of schooling, especially the demography of that specific country. They need to be able to cater education to all citizens who fall in the bracket of the age group. Hence the educational system of a country ought to be extensive according to the demographic requirements. The kinder gardens, schools, schools ought to be established in proportion to the population ratio. Not a single aspirant ought to be denied the right to education because of the lack of infrastructure. So, Extensiveness has been the title of the game. There comes equality, for centuries education was restricted to only a specific community or some group of individuals. A high number of individuals were excluded from the chance to acquire the opportunity for education. There have been changes in that mindset after long battle. But still, it is an integral variable – Equality for schooling. All taxpayers irrespective of any sort of social, political and economic hurdles should have access to education that they deserve. We must make sure that excluded groups are getting opportunities to become involved in the practice of education.