Weekly Wrap Up

Hey friends….another Monday which means another Weekly Wrap Up!  I have been thoroughly enjoying my vacation and being able to sleep in (6:00-6:30 a.m. is sleeping in to me and its GLORIOUS!!)  I have also been loving doing my workouts in the comfort of my own home! It’s the little things you see!! :)  So here is what last week looked like for me!

Week: 12/8-12/14

Monday: I wanted to run, but my knee was a little tender and given that I had raced the day before, I wasn’t going to push it. I did 30 mins on the sweat master (the stair climber) I got in 3,000 steps and was dripping sweat. I swear that machine slays me, a 10 mile run is easier than that is for me…I keep telling myself the more I do it, the easier it will get.  I think that is wishful thinking though!

Tuesday: I had plans to run but I woke up to an unexpected ice on the road.  I actually slid off my driveway into my neighbors yard, fun times!! It took me over 2 hours to get into work so I missed my morning workout and the commute home was no better so it ended up being a rest day. If it wasn’t my official last day of the year, I would have just worked from home but I had a ton to wrap up in the office so I braved it.

Wednesday:  I ended up going into the office because we had a tour that was previously planned of our fulfillment center that I really wanted to go to, which was a good excuse to take my favorite Wednesday morning spin class and it was awesome.

Thursday: I decided that I was going to start the 30 day Beachbody Asylum program, so that is what I did.  I did the Speed & Agility video in the morning and then taught my Group Power in the evening.

speed and agility

Friday: I did the Asylum strength video.  You want to know what I hate?  When you think you are really good at something then you do a workout that laughs in your face–yeah, that is pretty much this video in a nutshell.  I already have a love/hate relationship with this program and I’m only on day 2, it just hurts so bad when you are in it, but then you feel badass when you are done….thank goodness its only 30 days long!

Saturday: It ended up being a busy Saturday between Ashton’s soccer in the morning, running errands and then I had a hair cut during his nap so I didn’t get my workout done until after Ashton went to bed.  Thankfully Robyn made plans with some of his friends so he went out and I popped in the Asylum back to core video and got my sweat on and then took a shower and passed out!

Sunday:  I did the Asylum vertical plyo video during Ashton’s nap and I was spent.  I rallied afterwards to go on a family hike for a few miles but when I got home and looked at the schedule for the next few days, I was THRILLED when I saw that Monday was a rest day!  Thank goodness, my body needs it!

ash hike

This week ended up being pretty good and I added in an additional day of workouts (I usually only do 5 days). My body is trying to adapt to the Asylum program but it’s HARD.  I understand now when they say this is the next step up from the Insanity program. I love Beachbody programs and really loved Insanity, but this brings it to a different level. I think I am going to love it–I mean, I kinda already do after I am done with the workouts :)  I am giving myself this vacation as a little break from my normal workouts with the hopes that this shake up with be good for me.  Every once in a while, I need a complete shake up of my routine to keep me engaged and I hope that Asylum is just that!  Wish me luck!

Happy Monday my friends–make it a great day!



Question of the day

Anyone done Asylum before? Other Beachbody programs?  How was your week of workouts?

Highs and lows

Over the past week or so I have been thinking about writing this post, it took me a bit to get it out, but here it is….my highs & lows over the past month.


As many of you know, I started a new job about 6 weeks ago, while the first few weeks were REALLY tough, once I started week 4, I felt like I finally hit my stride. I was confident in meetings, knowing what my colleagues were talking about, I was using the right language and generally understanding my new role, how I could contribute and I began implementing some critical projects.  It felt good, I remember sitting in a global marketing team meeting when everything just kind of clicked, I sat back, took in what was being presented and was able to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.  It was at that moment when I realized I made the right decision to move over into this new role.

Change is never easy, change for someone like me is even more difficult. I am not a risk taker by nature, but I took a big risk.  I gave up a promotion for this new role which was really hard for me.  I was scared and while many call this a leap of faith, it felt at the time like I was being pushed off a cliff and was free-falling, but it turned out okay.  This past week I was passing the VP of our sales team in the parking garage and he asked me how I was liking my new role and I could honestly tell him that I was loving it.  While it still has it challenges and I am still very much learning, I truly get excited by the work I am doing every day and for the first time in a really long time, I feel like this is exactly where I was meant to be.

It’s strange for me to say that, because I loved my last job.  I don’t mean to sound braggy, but I know I was great at my last job.  I worked really hard and took pride in being an expert at what I did.  I adored my team and my old boss is one of those spectacular people, you know, the salt of the earth kind of people?  The hardest part of me leaving my old role was my boss.  You know the old adage, people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.  While I usually agree with that, it was not the case in my recent move.  But, in hindsight, my last job, while wonderful, was not where I belonged.  While I was given opportunity to grow and was challenged, I never felt the level of excitement that I do in my current job.  Seeing the work that I am doing, that is going out to patients and actually making an impact in their lives is truly an incredible thing to see and feel.  While this new job is not without its challenges (more working at night, evening events that means more time away from my boys, etc) overall, I feel like this position was made for me and it’s where I belong and will allow me to reach my future goals and that is such a great feeling. I feel invigorated, I  mean, I have been on vacation since Tuesday evening and I went into the office on Wednesday and have worked for at least a few hours on both Thursday and today and I don’t mind at all, that is how much I am enjoying myself.  It really is a great feeling.

Now, clearly my new job is my high, but this post is titled Highs and lows, so here comes my low.  Last week I received an email from my fitness director at the gym alerting the team to some schedule changes.  Our club is part of a local franchise of fitness clubs and they want to move all their clubs to a schedule where the classes start on the hour.  I have been teaching Group Power since 2007 and while I have significantly cut down the number of classes I teach a week since I had Ashton (I’m down to only one class now from six) my Thursday night class has always been at 5:30 p.m.  They are now moving the class to 6:00 p.m. and I had to make the very hard decision to stop teaching it as of January 1st.

While a half hour shift doesn’t seem too drastic to most people, it would really impact my home life.  Currently, I get out of work early on Thursday, I race to pick Ashton up at daycare, I drive him to Robyn’s work where we do a hand off at 5 p.m. and I drive to the club with just enough time to get changed and get on stage to teach at 5:30 p.m.  My class ends at 6:30 p.m. and I clean up the fitness room and race to get home a little after  7:00 p.m., just in time to brush Ashton’s teeth, give him a quick bath, read him a bedtime story and tuck him in for the night.  If I continued to teach this class, it wouldn’t end until 7:00 p.m. and I wouldn’t get home until after 7:30 p.m., meaning I would not get to spend any time with Ashton.  I am just not willing to give up what very limited time we already have during the week for this class.

In a way it was a really easy decision, time with Ashton is too precious, but in another way it was brutally hard to say those words.  Even as I type this I have tears in my eyes.  I LOVE teaching, there is nothing better than helping others realize their potential and reach their fitness goals…it’s been a real pleasure to be a part of so many people’s fitness journey and it have been a really fulfilling part of my life for many years, but right now, it’s just not fitting my current life situation.  I hope that one day in the future, maybe my work and life situation/schedule will be different and I can come back and start teaching again, but for now…I have to focus on what is most important and that is my sweet little boy.  Last night I told my class that next week will be my last class and I was met with a lot of shock and questions, but also a lot of thank yous, good wishes and hugs.  I know next week’s class will be bittersweet, I just hope I can hold it together and make it though.

The times, they are a changin’.  I am beginning a new phase in my career and laying to rest another phase for right now.  It’s wonderful and sad at the same time, but all we can do is move forward and make the best of what we have, right?

Have a great weekend my friends!


Question of the day

Tell me some of your highs and lows lately! How do you deal with the lows?

What are your weekend plans?

Jingle 5k {Race Recap} and a PR!!

A few weeks ago, Robyn texted me asking if I wanted a free race registration to the Worcester Jingle 5k.  After almost 10 years, this man asks the dumbest questions! :)  Of course I wanted a free race registration!!  His work was a sponsor of the race and as part of that sponsorship, they got a certain number of free entries and only 2 other people in his company were interested. Their loss…my gain!

On Saturday afternoon I went to pick up my bib, which was the quickest bib pick up ever, I was literally there less than 2 minutes!

bib jingle 5k

It poured for over 24 hours, so I was not confident in what the weather was going to look like, but thankfully the rain must have ended late in the evening because when I woke up it was dry.  However, it was freezing cold!  At first I was a bit annoyed the race started at 11 a.m. but I think in the colder months, due to daylight and weather, a later start time is better because it gives you a few hours to let the temperature rise a bit more.  When I arrived and parked at 10:30 a.m., it was 33 degrees out and WINDY.   Yikes! I hadn’t run outdoors in a month or so and I knew I was going to pay for it!

My friend Michelle was running the race too and we had texted the day before and made a plan to meet each other when we arrived. We took a quick picture and I met her friend from CrossFit and we made our way to the start line.  At this point, my fingers were already frozen, even with gloves on. It’s amazing how much of a baby I am now running in the cold when I spent all of last Winter training through the negative degree temps of the Polar Vortex! I actually wanted to bail on the race because it was so cold but because I wasn’t able to run my Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, I felt like I HAD to run this one!

jingle 5k 3

I had VERY low expectations for this race since my knees have been hurting so much lately and my mileage is almost non existent.  My main goal was to stay in the mid-high 8’s and not walk.  Pretty much my goal for most races.  We listened to the national anthem, I put in my headphones, started my music and Garmin and we were off.  As usual, there was a HUGE bottleneck of slower runners for the first 1/2 mile or so but I didn’t mind, I settled into a pace that felt good for me and listened to words being blasted into my ears.

There were no mile markers until we hit mile 3 and I missed all my splits on my Garmin as I was too focused on my music. I had absolutely no idea how I was doing and only looked down at my watch twice, once was at around 1.3 miles and the last time was when I stopped it at the finish.   It was weird, I got into almost a trance like state during the race, it’s not something that has every happened to me before.I didn’t feel like I was moving too fast or pushing myself too hard and I didn’t care about my pace, I just kept looking forward and putting one foot in front of the other.  I don’t know if it was because I was so cold that I just zoned completely out and my body was just on autopilot, but I don’t really remember much about the race other than there were A TON of turns and I kept making sure to run the curves. There was one point when my saliva choked me as it was getting caught in my mouth/throat and my lungs were burning. I had a quick coughing fit, but I just pushed through. I actually didn’t feel like I was working too hard and my legs felt good.  The only time I felt like I was pushing hard was when  I rounded the final turn, saw the time on the clock and pushed it until I hit the timing mats. My Garmin read 22:22 which seemed ridiculous to me, it had to be off.  I didn’t believe that I could have shaved that much time off my previous PR considering my knee issues and lack of mileage lately.  I knew it wasn’t the official time, but I knew it was good for a PR since my previous PR was 24:04.

I quickly ran through the mats, was handed a bottle of water and downed it.  I walked over to the side and they had hot pizza and bananas for the runners.  I don’t like to eat after I run so I just drank more water.  I took a quick picture right after I finished, this is the I am so happy I am finished pic.  My lungs were burning from the cold and my face felt frozen in place so it hurt to smile–but I was done and that felt great!

jingle 5k 2

I waited at the finish for a few minutes and my friend Michelle finished around the 25 minute mark and a few minutes later her friend crossed. We made our way to where they were posting the final results in live time.  My official time was 22:17!!!  A 7:10 average pace??  I am still shocked, I didn’t think I had it in me.  This was WAY, WAY better than I could have ever anticipated when I started the race.

Jingle 5k Results

At this point, the sweat was starting to dry and the wind was whipping around so we decided to walk back to our cars, but we stopped and took a quick picture in front of the beautiful tree in Franklin Square.

jingle 5k

Post race they emailed us to look up our pictures.  There was only one pic I found of myself just as I crossed the finish line….AND…we have further confirmed I take the WORST race pics…like EVER–seriously! What am I do with my face?  I think I am breathing out hard, at least that is what it looks like to me.  I have never  had a great race pic taken of me–ugh!

finish line sara

Overall, I am glad I didn’t back out of this race because I wouldn’t have gotten this PR.  However, that means I need to up my game for the next race.  Seriously, what is wrong with me? I am so competitive with myself, I need to get a better handle on it! HA!  Anyways, a bunch of us raced this past weekend and there were PRs everywhere, but I want to give a special shout out to Mike, he totally rocked his race and ended with a HUGE PR after shaving 7 minutes off his time, 7 minutes is CRAZY!  Congrats!!  I love seeing you all out there rocking your races!!


Question of the day

Anyone else PR this weekend?  What do you have on tap for the rest of the year for races?  Shout it out!!

Weekly Wrap Up

Hey friends…did you all have a great weekend??  I did, even thought the weekend felt like it flew by, but don’t they always?  Last week was a whirlwind too with a quick business trip that landed me in Buffalo for less than 24 hours.  Even though it was quick, it really helped to make the end of the week go by quickly.  This is my last full week of work in 2014.  As of Tuesday at 3:45 p.m., I am on vacation until after the New Year!! #sorryimnotsorry So, let’s look at what the week looked like!

Week: 12/1-12/7

Monday: I did a 3 mile progression run starting a 8:57 and increasing every 1/4 mile until I had a mile left and then increased it more often until I ended at a 7:30 pace. I was a sweaty mess and I loved it!  However, my knee didn’t love it so much–boo!  I have been having a lot of tenderness right under my knee cap, I may need to go see my ortho soon but I have been trying to hold off!

Tuesday: I intended to run, but ended up doing a full body lifting routine because my right knee hurt to bend so I couldn’t run. :(

Wednesday:  I took my am spin class and it was awesome.  The music and workout was so hard, but that burn so good kind of feeling?  Yeah, that’s the one!  My knee was still pretty tender but I needed a good sweat since I had back to back meetings from 8:30 a.m. until I walked out the door at almost 4 p.m.  It was a long day but I always feel better when I know I got a good workout in.

Thursday: I had a 9:30 a.m. flight to Buffalo, so I had a car pick up at 8 am from work.  I was able to get in a quick 3 mile run, showered and got ready and walked out of our offices exactly as the car was pulling it.  Perfect timing, huh? I spent the rest of the day traveling and then in the hotel on conference calls and working, then had a dinner program in the evening.

Friday: I was travelling back to Boston from Buffalo in the early morning, so this ended up being a rest day.

Saturday: It was my turn for soccer with Ashton (we alternate weeks so we both get to get on the field and play with him.)  While I usually try and do something during Ashton’s nap, I had a TON of work to get done, so that is what I did for 2 hours while he napped.  I didn’t feel so bad about it because I went to pick up my bib for my race on Sunday and knew I’d get in a run the next day.

Sunday:  I ran a local Jingle 5k, the race recap will be up on Wednesday, but it ended with a PR! :) I wasn’t expecting to PR, hell, my expectations were just to finish without stopping since my knee hasn’t been loving me lately, so whole day I was on cloud nine!!

So overall, it wasn’t a terrible week, I ended up with 5 days of workouts and 2 days of rest which is pretty normal for me.  With this being a very short week for me at work, I am going to be slammed and frantically working to ensure everything is wrapped up before I leave on Tuesday night. I know I will have to log in and get work done while I’m on vacation but not having to get up at the crack of dawn and drive into the city everyday is a HUGE bonus, so I don’t mind at all!

Happy Monday my friends…I leave you with this….



Question of the day

Highs & lows…tell me about your week!


Holiday Photo Shoot

Hey friends, how’s it going?  We’ve made it to the half way point in the week, thank goodness!  It’s pretty dreary here in Boston today, cold and raining, but I am heading to Buffalo for work tomorrow morning, where I am sure it will be much colder, so I am trying to be positive about the weather today!!  It’s all about perspective right?  Anyways, a few weeks ago, my beautiful and talented friend Danielle texted asking if I would bring Ashton in for a holiday mini-photo shoot.  She has a very busy and successful photography business and had a last minute cancellation for one of her famous holiday mini sessions so I was thrilled that she offered to take some shots of Ashton.  I didn’t have a Christmas outfit lined up for him so we improvised with only a few hours of notice and while I was worried, I think it turned out okay.  Ashton had a blast during the photo shoot, playing with the props and being a general goof. Well, I just got the proofs back and I LOVE them!  He is such a little ham!

He loved the snowballs…thankfully we kept him from throwing them!!


Ashton also loved the reindeer, he kept saying, “Mama, I like reindeer!” and kept petting it like a dog!  The Winter set Danielle handmade was beautiful!  She is so talented.

Ashton 8

This is his new thing, ask him to smile and he gives this scrunched up face and then starts cracking up!  This picture captures him perfectly!

Ashton 7

A more serious picture, is it me or does his hair always look reddish in pictures?  And he clearly inherited my pasty white skin..poor kid, I guess he got more of my genes than I thought!

Ashton 5

I think this one my be my most favorite, I think I am going to have it put on a large canvas for our house!

Ashton 3

Here’s that funny face again!

Ashton 1

And to top it off…last week we got our pics done with Santa…so this is the 2014 edition!  There were no tears this year and he got on Santa’s lap and had a nice conversation with him about blue trains, so I’m calling it a win!

Santa 2014


Have a great day friends!!!



Question of the day

How is your week going?  What’s the weather like where you are right now?  Anyone live in Buffalo?

Weekly Wrap Up

Holy cow–Happy December 1st!!  I know we all say it, but seriously, this year FLEW by–didn’t it?  I feel like we were just celebrating the holidays last year and here it is again!  I feel like the years fly by so much quicker now that I am older. Anyways, it’s Monday and I am back to work. I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving with your friends and family! I loved seeing everyone’s updated on IG and Facebook, it looks like everyone ate well! :)  I thoroughly enjoyed my week off but I really like having a bit more structure in my days, so in a way, I am glad to be back at work.  Yeah, I am a bit crazy! :)  I had a pretty decent week of workouts given that it was a holiday week and I was on vacation and I *think* I have finally figured out my next fitness goal…stay tuned for more info!  So, here is what my week looked like!

Week: 11/24-11/30

Monday:  I got up early and did T25 Total Body Circuit followed by T24 Abs.  I was a sweaty mess and it felt great. I luckily was able to get in a quick shower before the electricians came to the house to do some work and then I continued to clean and organize my closet. It’s still really clean as we start the second week!

Tuesday: I wanted to get in a quick workout before heading out for the day so I did T25 Lower body focus while talking on speaker phone with Erica (my SIL.)  Let me tell you, trying to have a conversation while working out is TOUGH, but it did make the workout go by a lot faster.  After I was done I headed out for a few hours of Christmas shopping.

Wednesday: We were expecting a big snow storm so I got up early and hit the road to pick up my Mom and get back home before the storm got bad.  By the time we got home and got settled, a workout just never happened.

Thursday: Well, we got that big storm and because of all the snow and ice, I didn’t make it to my Turkey Trot. I was super bummed as I had been really looking forward to the race. I have never done a Turkey Trot before, but my safety is more important than a 5k. I stayed home and Ashton greeted me with lots of snuggles in bed, so that was a win in my book.  During his nap I did T25 cardio and then PiYo upper body. It felt good to get a sweat on before we had our Thanksgiving dinner–especially since Robyn made me my favorite…Key lime pie!  AHH!

key lime pie

Friday: We woke up Friday morning and brought my Mom home and then hit the mall for Christmas pictures with Santa.  Here is Ashton waiting in line.

waiting for santa

Thankfully there was only 1 kid in line before him, so we were in and out quickly.  Once I got Ashton down for a nap, I broke out a new fitness workout I haven’t done before, Beachbody’s Asylum Speed & Agility.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, I wanted to puke at the end of this workout, it’s TOUGH.  I haven’t been pushed that hard since doing Insanity and while it hurt so bad, I loved it too.  Sick isn’t it?

Saturday: We had soccer with Ashton and then right after I went Christmas shopping with Erica.  I had great intentions of buying for a bunch of people but I just didn’t find what I was looking for.  I ended up only getting a North Face for Ashton and then bought myself a few scarves, a new pair of UGG slippers and a new North Face–oops.  We were gone for about 4 hours and that was my workout. I was still kind of sore from my Asylum workout.  After Ashton’s nap we put up the Christmas tree.

tree 2014

Sunday: It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 50’s, with all the snow we had on the ground, we took Ashton sledding for an hour before lunch and then when he went down for his nap, I did PiYo Buns.  I was still sore from the Asylum video but needed to do something.  This was just enough to make me feel like I worked but not over doing it!

Overall, not too shabby for a holiday week.  I have 7 more work days until I am on vacation until the end of the year!  Once I am on vacation,  I am planning on starting a new workout program since I will have more time to workout.  I am sure you will hear all about it here :)  Whatever you do today, make it great!


Question of the day

How was your Thanksgiving? What was the highlight of the day?  Best food you ate?


My closet reorg and a funny video

Hey guys…happy Wednesday!  I hope you are all having a great day!!  So, I have an exciting update for those of you who are following my closet bet , I spent a few days totally cleaning out my closet in the hopes that I can make this last for one whole month. I ended up emptying my entire closet so there was absolutely nothing on my side, it was just easier that way.  I’m going to spare you the picture of what my bed looked like with all my clothes but the floor didn’t fare much better.


I ended up throwing out  4 large trash bags of junk, and additional 2 bags for donation, 2 bags for Erica (my SIL) and I downgraded to 27 pairs of shoes (but then added 1 more pair of running shoes when I scored a deal on the model I run in at my Turkey Trot packet pick up!)  I am kind of embarrassed with how much I had and was able to get rid of, but I think I thinned things out pretty well and Erica is thrilled that I just stocked her closet with a bunch of new threads. Here is the final result:




It’s not perfect but it was the best I could do with what I had to work with.  Please send me all your best thoughts that I can keep it this way for a month (I need all the help I can get!!)  I am off to get my Mom.  She is staying with us for the next couple of days to celebrate Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to spending time with her and Ashton is beyond excited to see her!  I hope the snow holds off a bit so we can go get our pics with Santa done and so I can run my Turkey Trot tomorrow morning!

With that, I leave you with a really funny video from a family that puts out great parodies (if you don’t follow them, you should, they are pretty funny!)  I wish you all a very safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving!  For those of you going out for a Turkey Trot (or just a run) tomorrow good luck and I will see you all on Friday!


Question of the day

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you running a Turkey Trot?


Weekly Wrap Up

Hi guys…how’s it going?  Today is my first official day of vacation and I am going to soak it up as best I can!  I have a lot on my “to do” list like sweeping and steam cleaning all the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, getting my oil changed, etc but I am building in some time for fun, like going to see a movie, getting some holiday shopping done, and playing with Ashton.  I’m going to make the best of this week off…so while I’m kicking off the new week, let’s take a look at how last week played out!

Week: 11/17-11/23

Monday:  I ran 3 miles in 24:40 (8:13 pace) and then did some planks, it felt good to run again after taking a full week off.  I do think I need to get new running shoes though, so that is on my to do list this week while I’m on vacation!

Tuesday: I was a bit tight when I woke up, mainly in my right IT band but I got in 3 decent miles in 25 flat (8:20 pace) while listening to by BRF Taylor Swift. I am really loving her new album.  I have no shame–whatever Taylor is selling, I am buying!


Wednesday:  I finally saw my favorite instructor Erin at spin class. It was another super sweaty class that challenged me and I felt great afterward.  Nothing like starting your day off with an adrenaline high!

Thursday: I did 30 minutes on the stair climber while watching the rest of the weeks SOA episode. I have a love/hate relationship with this machine, it hurts like hell but I feel great when I’m done.  At night I taught Group Power and really felt the burn from having not taught last week!

Friday: I did a nice and easy 4 miles in 37 mins (9:07 pace) while watching Grey’s Anatomy–watching my favorite shows while running makes it go by so quickly!

Saturday: I had good intentions of doing a workout, but we had soccer in the morning then decided to do our Thanksgiving shopping right after and before I kew it, it was Ashton’s naptime and I started on my closet eviction.

Sunday: We went for a family hike since it was really beautiful out and we know we don’t have that many more days like that here in MA left.

PicMonkey Collage hiking

I planned to workout during Ashton’s naptime, but he asked that I take a nap with him and he has never asked for that.  At first I wanted to say no because I had a plan in my head and wanted to get my sweat on but I stopped myself and decided to lay down with him.  I took a nap with him and it was glorious!  I am trying really hard to savor these sweet moments!  After his nap we went to get his hair cut and ended up getting home much later than I anticipated because we went to ride all the rides at the mall.  Totally worth losing track of time, we had a blast!

ash 11.23.14 haircut

All in all, this weeks workouts were much better than last weeks!  Now that I am home this week, my plans may change a bit but I am aiming to work out most days and I have my first Turkey Trot on Thursday morning!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Question of the day

How was your weekend?  Tell me the best part about it!


Vacation and a Liebster

Happy Friday!  In just a few short hours I will officially be on vacation for a week!  Can you tell I’m a bit excited? I still have that fancy schmancy event to go to tonight (and my Rent the Runway dress came in!!!) but that will be more fun than work!  So let’s get to a little fun on this fabulous Friday shall we?

My friend Mike nominated me for a Liebster Award!  I’ve done this a few times here and here but here are some new questions so you can learn even more about me! :)  If you haven’t met Mike, go over and visit him, he is an incredible guy!!


1. What is your current health related goal?

This is actually what I am struggling with the most right now, I don’t have a really concrete goal which is why my workouts aren’t really exciting me.  I guess my goal is always to improve my fitness and continue to stay healthy and strong but not having a short term goal is bother the heck out of me.

2. What is your biggest irrational fear?

That something terrible will happen to Ashton and he will be gone from our lives.  I’ve even had a few nightmares about it and woken up drenched in sweat, completely panicked and crying.  It’s a terrible feeling.  I worry WAY more now than I ever did before, and I used to worry a lot before!

3. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?

I actually do and am always the designated wrapper in our house and I used to help my Dad with all his wrapping as well.  I actually love wrapping gifts (just not the back aches that follow.)  I don’t get into all the bows and ribbons and stuff but being able to wrap a gift for someone and watch them open it is a great joy.  I’d rather wrap and give than receive.

4. What’s your favorite cross training activity?

At this very moment, I am going to say spinning, but you all know I love yoga a ton too!

5. If I came to visit you, what would we do?

Well, as my visitor I’d let you pick what we would do, but I’d love to go for a run with you, then maybe spend the day walking around/exploring Boston, stopping in to a cafe for a drink, eating meals at some of the incredible places here and of course talking non-stop along the way!

6. You have 2 weeks off of work and 2 round trip plane tickets to ANYWHERE. Where would you go and who would you take?

The place is harder than the who. Of course I’d pick Robyn (and because I can never follow rules, Ashton too!) I’d likely pick Australia, a few places in Asia or South Africa.  I have a lot of places on my bucket list that need at least 2 weeks to explore!

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a run or race?

I don’t have anything good for this one (yet and now I am sure I have jinxed myself). No epic falls or funny stories about how I got caught peeing in the woods.  I am a boring runner.

8. Tell me the 3 best days of your life. Or at least the first 3 that pop into your mind.

The day I married Robyn, the last day I (unknowingly) spent with my Dad and the day Ashton was born.

9. Okay, you HAVE to eat a fast food meal. What restaurant would you choose and what would you order?

I’m going with Mike here and saying Panera.  I’d order the chicken soup and Thai salad combo, I love it!  It’s the only “fast food” place I will go to.

10. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Yes, a few and spoken to quick a few of them.  One of my earlier jobs right out of college was at a client who serviced the American Express Centurion (the black card) account.  I was assigned to a bunch of really high-profile celebrities that I spoke to often on the phone.  Oh the stories I have….

11. Share a picture of yourself in non workout clothes!

I spend most of my days in regular, non-workout clothes. Unless I am lounging at home in the evenings, I actually don’t like to be in workout type attire unless I am actually working out.  Lounging in yoga pants is comfy, but it’s almost too comfy for me and I get lazy.  Yeah, yeah, I’m weird, we have already established this! :)

sara in car

12. If you could choose to have a ‘do-over’ and switch careers, what would you choose and why?

Hmm..I actually think I am right where I am supposed to be.  I was initially going to go to law school right out of undergrad and am SO happy I didn’t, I just don’t think that is a life I’d be happy with (I guess it’s all in relation to how I know my life is right now, I mean, I usually make the best out of most situations, so maybe I would be happy?). BUT, if I was to do it all over again differently, I would most definitely not have met Robyn and had Ashton and there is nothing in this world, no amount of fame or fortune I’d trade over them…so I guess no, I’m exactly where I belong.

13. If you won the Olympic Gold Medal – how do you think you would react?

How random is this question??  And when did pop culture trivia become an Olympic sport? :)  Gosh, I’d probably cry from being overwhelmed and overjoyed.

14. What do you want for Christmas?

This is the question I have been asked most in the past 48 hours.  Honestly, I am the worst at this because I am THAT person who buys themselves everything they want.  If I want/need something I just get it for myself so when the time comes for xmas or my birthday I have nothing to offer others in terms of suggestions.  I actually love gift cards so I can get more clothes (which clearly won’t help my closet issue.)  A new pair of my favorite running shoes is always a good gift!

15. What skill do you lack?

Oh where do I begin? HA!  I really lack any artistic skill, I really wish I was more creative/artistic.


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Happy Friday, have an awesome weekend..and if you are racing, good luck!


Question of the day

Answer one of the questions above…and tell me what’s on your agenda for the weekend!

A funny email and my husband thinks I’m a hoarder

Hey friends!  We are half way through the week, isn’t that amazing?? I am now counting down the days until vacation…SO close!!  Anyways, let’s get to chatting shall we?  So, I know I was telling you all how last week was pretty crappy in the workout department but when I got this email from the DailyMile on Monday afternoon I had to laugh, I mean, come on…it was 4 hours from my last workout…how often do they think I should be working out?


I think they need to take a look at their email marketing–I mean, I’d love to be able to work out a few times a day, but it just isn’t feasible!  Anyways…on to more important topics, like how my husband thinks I’m a hoarder.  Seriously, he threw that word around multiple times in reference to me this week.  Let me back up so you get the full picture.

So, on Monday night I was sitting in my closet with clothes strewn all about and I made the mistake of calling my husband into the bedroom to ask him a question.  My question was simple, we have been in our “new” house for just over a year now, and I really want us to put in a closet system like we had in our last house.  You know, those beautiful closet systems with lots of shelves, drawers and sections to hang different kinds of clothing?


Yeah, we had a system in our last house and it was great.  Right now, we have a big walk in closet with one bar on each side and a shelf above (that I can JUST barely reach) each side that runs the length of the closet.  I am not showing you a picture because it truly is a mess.  So, while I am sweating and frustrated from not being able to find the workout top I wanted to run in the next morning, I called to Robyn and told him I wanted to start discussing our closet design.  He looked at me and broke out in laughter telling me that I have a “ton” (his words, not mine) of  space in this walk in closet and he asked why I just can’t stay organized?  I, of course, answered while frantically waving my arms around like a lunatic saying it was because I don’t have any shelves or room to spread my stuff out.  My clothes do not fit in the current layout, they just don’t.  This is where the conversation took a turn.

Robyn started going through all the stuff on my side of the closet telling me what I should throw out.  He has offered many times to organize my closet, but I know that would mean coming home to half of my clothes gone.  I proceeded to justify what was in my closet and then he got me ( a few times).  He reached up overhead and pulled out a pair of roller blades I haven’t used since I was in college, but I just haven’t thrown them away.  I’ve always kept them in case we decided to start rollerblading–it always sounded like a good idea.   I’ll now admit that it sounds ridiculous as I’m typing this and while I never admit it 100% to Robyn,  he’s right.  I have a really, really hard time getting rid of old things. I mean I’m still wearing my instructional soccer t-shirts from when I was five years old!  Oops.  BUT, I have to clarify for you all, I don’t have a lot of stuff,  it’s just I don’t throw the things I do have out. For example, I only have two boxes in our storage area that are from when I was growing up–pictures, etc.  In addition to those two boxes, I have all the clothes in my closet and maybe two other boxes throughout the house of other random things. That’s it!  It’s really not a ton of stuff by any means. The problem is that most of those random things I actually don’t REALLY need,  I’m just holding onto them just in case for some reason I do have a need for them in the future. You know, like that one sweater you’ve never worn but you hold on to just in case there is a day when you need it and you would kick yourself if you got rid of it–please tell me you know what I am talking about!

Anyways, after a Google search over my rollerblades (they aren’t even made anymore,) a lot of laughing and a long conversation of all the things I could get rid of that I never use to make more space in my closet so I could be more organized, we made a deal.  Basically, the deal is that if I can keep my closet as it is currently set up,  organized for one month, Robyn will start discussing the design for the closet I want and put that system in.  For most people, this would sound like a good deal.  However, I’m going to be honest, I always have these grand intentions of cleaning out my closet and keeping it that way.  I do clean it out and re-hang stuff and organize it every few months, but it usually only last a week or so. Usually because I get home from work, I am exhausted and I don’t hang things up properly or  I sloppily throw them somewhere with the intention of doing it later and I never get to it.  This is also why all my workout clothes are piled all over and I keep re-wearing the same things because I wash them and they stay at the top of the pile.

This further proves Robyn’s point that I don’t wear half of my clothes, mainly because I keep re-wearing the stuff that’s clean and on top because it’s easier to find and grab quickly.  However, I am going to try to win this battle of keeping my closet clean and organized for one month.  This means that next week while I’m on vacation, I’m doing a total closet clean out and I’m really going to make an effort to clean out all the things I really haven’t worn the last couple of years and see if I can stick to keeping it all organized for a month so that I can design the closet I want and have him put it in for me.  What do you think, can I do it?


Question of the day

Does anyone else have a hard time getting rid of things?  Ideas for keeping things organized?