Welcome to Life Between the Miles.  My name is Sara.  I’m 32 years old and live about an hour west of Boston.  I work in Cambridge as Medical Alliance Manager for a Pharma company and absolutely love my job and the incredibly smart people I work with. I am also certified through Body Training Systems to teach Group Power and Group Blast.  I love teaching fitness classes and helping others reach their fitness goals.

However, my true fitness love is running.  I wasn’t always a runner.  I played soccer from about 10 years old and into college, but I never truly loved to just run.  In March 2010 I decided to run my first ½ marathon.  I completed that goal in June and ended up training and finishing my first full marathon that October.  From there, my obsession for running was solidified.

finishing marathon


I could and can talk about running for hours, so the majority of what I’ll be writing here will take place in my running shoes, but that’s not all that I’ll be writing about.  As my blog name suggests, it’s the life between the miles that is the most important to me.  I’m working to find balance in this crazy life (isn’t everyone?), so be ready to listen to ramblings about other fitness and health related activities, food, my family or anything else that may be on my mind at the time.

Other important things to know about me:

This tall, dark and handsome man and I got hitched in May 2010 in Negril, Jamaica.  He is a tech genius and one of the funniest, wittiest people I know.  He also does all the cooking, organizing and baking in our house.  I know, he’s incredible right?  I know I hit the marriage jackpot because in addition to that, he puts up with me every day, and that provides extra bonus points.


In February 2013, our family of 2 expanded to include the cutest little monster, Ashton.  He is our whole world.  He is such an easy going and sweet little boy who keeps us on our toes and makes our life so much more fun!

ashton monster

We also have this furry little one, our Yorkie Morgan, who we rescued in 2006.  He is pretty much the most docile dog alive.



Well, I think that gives you a little bit more insight into who I am and what you’re getting into here.  I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for visiting!!  I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to give me a shout at lifebetweenthemiles@gmail.com

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