A letter to Ashton on his first day of Pre-school

***I wrote this letter to Ashton on his first day of Pre-school last week, but didn’t post it, mainly because I spent most of the the day crying.  I’m better now! :)***


My sweet little monster,

Well, it’s finally here, your first day of pre-school!  I am certain that I am 100% more anxious about this than you. For the past 3.5 years, you went to Carolle’s house for daycare.  You loved Carolle and she loved you like you were one of her own children. I never worried about you with her. I knew you were safe, having fun, learning a ton, and most importantly being loved. Now, Daddy and I are dropping you off at real school. A place filled with teachers and children we don’t know. We are starting a schedule that is new for all of us. With that comes uncertainty and of course, a bit of anxiety for me (and maybe for you too!)  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to think Mama is unhappy, because I am not. I am really excited for you to start preschool because I know without a doubt you are ready for it. I know you will thrive in the new independence.  I know that you have been ready for this experience for a while, it was me who held off putting you in school last year because, well….because you are growing up so fast and I still look at you like you are my little, tiny baby who needs me for everything and I didn’t (and still don’t) want you to grow up so fast. I know growing up is inevitable and I know that there is only so much that Daddy and I can teach you in the evenings and on the weekends, there is just SO much for you to learn outside of what we can teach you.  There is this whole, great big world out there and I know you are ready to start soaking it all in and I am excited to watch this happen!

So, this morning when you are confused as to why Mama is home and waking you up, it’s because I took the day off of work today. I wanted to be able to drop you off on your first day of school (something Daddy usually does) and I knew I wouldn’t be able to go into work because there would be a lot of tears (mine not yours.) After I hug and kiss you and leave you at school…I have some hopes for you today, as you start a what will be many years of school and education….I hope that your first day is met with your usual zest and curiosity for life, I hope that you love your new teachers and meet some great new friends. I hope no one is mean to you.  I hope that you don’t get scared and cry because you are in a new environment that you are not used to. I hope you have fun and laugh and I hope you learn something new.  All day I will be wondering what you’re doing, if you are okay, if you are having fun, making friends, and eating your lunch. I know I worry too much, but how can I not–I’m your mama and I love you.

Always remember that no matter how old you are Ashton or how independent you become, you will always be my baby.  So go off my little monster, grow, learn, have fun and be awesome.  I can’t wait to pick you up and hear all about it tonight!

Love you always,


Here are a few pics of him on his first day!

Preschool collage


Question of the day

Parents…does it get easier as the years go by?


Celebrate Girlfriends

Hey friends–I’m still on vacation until the 25th, but wanted to check in with you on a very important topic. Did you know that in August the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a National Girlfriends Day?  Well they do and for the month of August, they want people to celebrate their girlfriends and provide support to each other in helping each other stay safe and live a healthy life.  Since we all know how important it is to be healthy, I thought you would all like this infographic that outlines the checkups women need to make their health a priority throughout their lifetime.

I know you all love to empower your friends and family to live the healthiest lives they can, so please share this with your girlfriends (and guy friends) and help raise awareness for this important topic because just one conversation could save a life!!

Oscar Women's CheckupsLRG


Question of the day

Are you good about going to the Dr regularly for check ups?  Did you learn something new with this infographic?


A new running first

Hey guys, happy Wednesday!  I hope you are having a great week.  I’m just trying to make it through the week and then I am on vacation for 2 glorious weeks!! More on that in a later post.  I had a new running first yesterday and figured I would share it with you, because why not get a laugh at my expense, right? 🙂

So, yesterday I started my usual morning run and it was super humid, nothing too uncommon these days. About 1/2 mile into my run it started raining, it wasn’t too hard and it actually felt pretty nice, so I didn’t think much of it, I just set off on my usual route.  When I hit my turn around spot, it got pretty dark out, but I was still going about my business.  I took a quick water break and two creepy guys a few feet away asked me how long I had run, commented they liked my outfit (huh?) and told me I looked like my hard working running was paying off because I looked great.  Now, I don’t normally like to make quick judgments about people, and maybe they truly were trying to be nice by paying me compliments, but they totally creeped me out the way they were looking at me. I try not to be rude to people, especially when I am outnumbered by two much bigger men, so I just smiled, said thank you and booked it in the other direction.  That was just the beginning of my running firsts.

A few minutes later I looked out to where my work buildings were and a HUGE bolt of lightning struck down. Running first number two.  I normally love thunder and lightning storms…you know, when I am safe inside my home watching them.  Being outdoors, running and exposed while they are happening all around me…not so much. I started to panic.  I was still about 2 miles from work.  Did I run into a building? Try to wait the storm out? What if it lasted a long time? I had an early morning meeting I had to be at and there were a lot of commuters out walking to work, so I decided to try to get back as quick as possible.  About 1/3 of a mile away I run over a long bridge and have to take a very tight left turn to start back to work.  The ground was already slick because of all the rain and I was being careful on the bridge, but when I came around, I was probably going a bit too fast and I wiped out.  Running first number three.

I have been running almost 5.5 years now and have never fallen before. I pride myself on having fast reflexes and great balance but I had no hope. I went down hard and immediately felt the road burn.  I reacted quickly and popped right back up and thankfully, I don’t think anyone saw me. It all happened so fast that I don’t think I really processed it as adrenaline was pumping through me and my only thought was, just get back to work and safety as soon as possible.  As soon as I got to our building, I stopped my Garmin…you know, priorities people 😉  I walked into the lobby, was taking my hat off and getting my badge out to swipe through security and one of the guards, looking concerned asked if I was okay.  I said yes and he motioned to my blood covered leg, hand and arm.  Uh, yeah..it wasn’t too pretty.  I didn’t even really notice it until then because my focus had been on something else.  I brushed it off to the guard, told him I was okay, thanked him for his concern and headed back up to the gym so I could shower and get ready for work.

That’s when I also noticed, that my phone was smashed up.  Running first number 4. When I fell, I was holding my phone in the hand I used to reach out to stop myself, which lead to a cracked screen and outer corner.  Awesome! I cleaned myself up a bit before taking these pictures so it didn’t look like a gruesome scene but I was pretty banged up and had road rash all the way up my thigh.

running firstI’ve spared some of the details but let’s just say I didn’t realize how bad the road burn was until I got into the shower and had to grit my teeth and hold back a cry of pain.  After my shower, I was able to get mostly everything to stop bleeding, I got dressed, hit up the first aid box in the gym and proceeding to clean them out of triple antibiotic ointment and bandages.

I’m happy to say that the rest of my day got significantly better.  I am still pretty sore today and my skin still burns but I have no doubt each day will get a little bit better and really, it could have always been worse, right? I usually love most of my running experiences, but this is definitely not something I want to repeat. I can now say that I have fallen during a run, run in lightning and encountered creepy men while out running. I guess maybe it was best that I had so many bad running firsts in one experience? Does the mean they are all done? Wishful thinking?

Have a great rest of your day!!


Question of the day

Have you ever fallen while running? Ran in a lightning storm? Broken your phone while exercising?