Lily Trotters: Fitness + Fashion rolled into one {Product Review}

 ***Disclaimer: I was provided a free pair of Lily Trotters to review, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.***


Hey friends, I am super excited to be sharing this review with you today! A few months back my awesome friend Salt reviewed these amazingly adorable compression socks and I was green with envy.  I mean, these compression socks are seriously CUTE!  They are fitness + fashion rolled into one.  Then, a few weeks ago, Susan from Lily Trotters reached out to me asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their compression socks.  Um…YEAH!!

A few days later I received these gorgeous socks in the mail!

2015-05-28 18.01.16

I absolutely love the colors, but also the little details like the pink frill at the top.  Lily Trotters really does a phenomenal job of mixing fashion with fitness.  I mean, who says you can’t look cute and fashionable while working out?

lily trotters

Other than being seriously awesome looking, Lily Trotters are much easier to get on than my CW-X, ProCompression, or any other brand of compression socks/sleeves that I own and wear.  I’m not saying I will not continue to wear my other brands, as I have amassed quite the stash of compression socks over the years, but for the sake of this review, you will not break a nail (like I have done on SO many occasions with my other compression socks) or break a sweating putting them on.  What you will get is a great amount of support, just enough compression to feel like they are working but not making your legs feel strangled with pressure.

I tested these twice before writing my review and both times my experience was the same.  I did a 7 and an 8 mile run in them and both times my calves felt great during and after the run.  And who doesn’t like to look down as they are running and smile when they see their fun gear? It automatically gives you a little emotional boost–am I right?

2015-06-06 14.26.41 HDR

2015-06-06 13.13.49

They also washed really well with no pilling, shrinking or loss of compression afterwards.  What’s even better is that they are multi-functional. You can also wear these beauties under pants when you aren’t piling on the miles, and these won’t have my co-workers laughing at me and referring to me as that “crazy runner” who wears weird socks post runs at work.  It’s a win/win right?

So, do you want to get your hands on a pair of these beautiful compression socks?  Lily Trotters are currently in development, but you can go visit to register for updates on their Kickstarter launch and to take advantage of their “Early Bird” discounts!


Question of the day

Have you seen/heard of Lily Trotters?  Thoughts? Do you wear compression socks/sleeves? What brands are your favorites?

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  1. I have seen these a few times before and have thought they were the “cutest” compression socks I have seen. Are they softer than other brands?

    And YES I have broken a sweat and practically twisted an ankle trying to get other compression socks off!

  2. Definitely agree that some compression socks are ‘over-zealous’! haha

    I think these are a really cool option for anyone who likes the look (not for me, but I won’t say ‘only for ladies’ either 🙂 ). My only gripe – that I noted on Darlin’ Rae’s review of them … is that on their site they have that super-high heel model pose. Personally I love the ‘Fashion & Fitness’ image you have, and hoped they had switched – but not.

    It is definitely getting to be time for me to get some new loud neon running gear 🙂

    • What–you don’t want to wear polka dot compression socks with pink at the top Mike? I think they’d look great on you! 🙂 Also, I understand your thoughts on the high heel marketing, I think they are trying to show that it’s not just for athletics but can be worn with normal clothes, but I totally get your point! And yes, you need to get some more awesome neon gear!! If you are going to be out there logging miles, you might as well be seen and have fun with it! Have a great weekend!

    • I am shocked at how many of my long distance running friends haven’t worn compression before…I LOVE them and I feel that they help me while I am running and through recovery (I’m never sore after long runs!) But I guess if you don’t have these problems to start with, I can see why they wouldn’t be useful!

  3. Those are the cutest compression socks I’ve ever seen! I had CEP first, and I love them once they’re on, but nail breakage and sweating most definitely happen while putting them on. Pro Compression is a little bit easier, but still a little bit of a workout to get on sometimes ha. So it’s great to hear that these are a breeze to out on yet still work:)
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