What’s keeping me up at night

Hey friends, Happy Friday!  Sorry I have been MIA most of this week, but when you get 3 feet of snow dumped on you, you just want to stay inside and cry all day.  I’m kidding…kind of 🙂  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home with Ashton and yesterday I was trying to get caught up on all the work that was piling up so I didn’t have much time to write, that’s really my excuse!  But today is a new day and the weekend is so close I can taste it…and I know you all want to know what is keeping me up at night, right?  No, I’m not trying to find an answer to world peace or cure a terrible disease.

cant sleep
What’s keeping me up at night is preschool. Start laughing now, this post just gets more ridiculous as I go on. Currently Ashton is at a phenomenal home daycare where I know he is loved, safe and has a good group of friends. Our daycare provider is truly one of a kind, how we got so lucky, I will never know but I am thankful. However, come September it will be time for Ashton to move on to preschool. I have known about this for a while and started doing research months ago, but suddenly I’m getting emails from the places I have inquired about saying enrollment starts in February…like in just a few days. Que the panic.I have a spreadsheet that is far too embarrassing for me to share with you, further showing that I am a bit crazy that I have a preschool spreadsheet. Who does that? Yeah, me! However, this is my dilemma. My town has a public preschool but it’s on a lottery system for 2, 3 or days, half or full day. Its super cheap and I like the idea of Ashton making friends with the kids he will go to school with for a few years. However, what they call ” full day” is a joke. In what world is 9-2 a full day? Certainly no job I know of and if you know of one, please send it to me so I can apply! Our town preschool also dropped their extended day care in the morning and afternoon and now it’s only available for kindergarten and because Ashton was born in February he won’t be eligible for kindergarten until he is 5.7 (you have to be 5 by December.) So, if we wanted to send him to our town preschool, we would have to hire a nanny to come to our house in the morning, bring him to school for 9 am and then pick him up in the afternoon and bring him home and wait for us to get home at 6 pm. That probably isn’t an ideal situation for a nanny nor do I really want Ashton in a car with other people (yes, I’m THAT Mom.)

So, where does that leave me other than losing way more sleep over this than is probably necessary? We have appointments over the next few weeks to go visit 3 private preschools that will work with the hours we need and that also go year round, since that was another problem we faced with public school, the ridiculous amount of vacation days they have and then the summers off. Ashton is too young to go to a summer camp right now (and even if he was old enough, the hours are an issue too) so again we would be looking at a nanny. I’m not averse to a nanny per se, but as an only child, I really like to have Ashton around other kids as much as possible. Plus, he loves being around people.

I’m already stressing about these appointments and how to make the right decision about where to send him. Education is so important and I KNOW it’s only preschool but of course I want to make the best decision for Ashton. There are so many studies that show that the first 5 years are the most important years of their lives and if they start to struggle with school at an early age, the chances of them liking school and doing well in school goes down significantly. Talk about pressure! I find that I get myself so worked up about these big decisions, so scared that I am going to make the wrong choice and it’s going to have a negative impact on him for the rest of his life (I told you, I am not rationale right now and not sleeping!) I know I am not the first person to send their kid to school or the first to deal with these issues but this just seems like SUCH a big deal right now, in this moment. So my friends, this is what’s keeping me up at night. Parents out there, please tell me I’m not the only one who worries about this stuff so I feel a little less crazy!


Question of the day

Anyone else with little ones stress about things like this?  Any words of advice? Things to look for?

What are your plans for the weekend? Super Bowl parties? Who are you cheering for?


Weekly Wrap Up

Hey there my lovely friends, I hope you are having a great morning.  I know we are gearing up here in MA for a Nor’easter so this week should be interesting!!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was awesome! Ours was kind of all over the place since the snow soiled some of our plans, but all in all it was great!  Let’s take a look at what the week looked like with the Weekly Wrap Up!

Week: 1/19-1/25

Monday: I ran 3 miles at an easier pace for me while watching White Collar.  Afterwards I lifted upper body and stretched.  On a side note, I love White Collar and am really sad this is the last season.  Any other fans out there?

Tuesday: I woke up and wasn’t feeling too into a workout but I pulled it together and did a 3 mile progression run that felt pretty awesome and then worked abs and lifted chest.  Are you seeing more of a lifting theme this week?

Wednesday: I got into work and our fitness director immediately came up to me and let me know that Erin, our spin instructor was our sick this morning so they were going to have one of the PTs so a mix class. I was pretty bummed since I look forward to this class all week.  Before class I decided to do some burpees and upper body lifting before I went into the spin studio.  Once I was there, a few of us regulars decided we would run our own spin class.  We plugged in Spotify, each picked a few of our fav songs and decided we would each teach those tracks.  It was actually pretty fun and I think Erin would have been impressed with our class!

Thursday: Keeping on my running/lifting theme, I did a fast 5k and then lifted back and did abs.  It was a hard, to the point workout and then I was done.

Friday: It was my birthday and I started off my 34th year with box jumps and a heavy lifting circuit followed by 20 mins of HIIT on the treadmill that nearly killed me. My butt hurt so badly after my lifting that I worried for what the rest of the day was going to bring, but I suppose it was time to go hard or go home, right? HA!  After work, Robyn took Ashton and I out to a nice dinner where we had the most incredible homemade pasta.  It was one of the best meals I have had out in a LONG time.  Even Robyn, the biggest food critic said it was great!  To cap off the night.I came home to some wonderful gifts and my favorite homemade cake (key lime with key lime frosting) for which Ashton dug in immediately! HA!  All in all, it was a wonderful birthday!


Saturday: We woke up and the snow had already started and was coming down hard.  Ashton’s swim class was cancelled and my hairdresser called saying she couldn’t make it into the salon, so my hair appointment was cancelled as well.  I was a little panicked as I had a 4 day conference that I needed my hair done for, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.  So, we lazed around the house and did a lot of cuddling and playing.

watching tv

We also went outside and did some sledding, which of course led to this…


After a long day being cooped up inside, I put Ashton to bed and did this Pure Barre Workout. I had never done anything Pure Barre before and I have to say, I liked it.  I wouldn’t give up running to do it, but these shorter videos are perfect and pack a punch so I hope to incorporate them into my routine a few times a week.

Sunday: Remember how I said my hairdresser had to cancel my appointment on Saturday?  Well she called and the owner allowed her to open the shop just for me on Sunday morning so I could get my hair done and not look like a hot mess for my conference.  She is pretty much the best hairdresser ever!  After my appointment, I had an appointment at a different place to get Ashton’s haircut, so we were both a bit more cleaned up!  Only one of us got a lollipop after our cut though! 🙂


During Ashton’s nap I did laundry and packed for my conference.  ***WARNING–TMI coming!!***When Ashton got up, we played for a bit and then he got to watch Frozen as a reward for FINALLY pooping on the potty.  Sorry guys but this is a HUGE deal in our house since he has been peeing on the potty since July but refused to poop.  He ended up pooping 3 times on the potty and we made a ridiculously big deal about it.  We have been at 85% potty trained for months and I REALLY want to get rid of diapers ASAP! Keep your fingers crossed that this continues!

watching frozen

While we were watching Frozen, my phone kept going off so I finally checked it to see what was such a big deal and it was a bunch of emails and texts saying that due to the Nor’easter that is supposed to start Monday afternoon, my work conference has been cancelled. I have to say, I was THRILLED! I REALLY didn’t want to spend 3 nights away from my boys, so it was great news to me (plus, no one wants to be stuck somewhere during a blizzard!)

So that is the Weekly Wrap Up!  Overall, I am happy with how the week played out. I got in some good runs, incorporated more lifting in my schedule and continued to cross train and tried out a new video.  I am still killing my water goal and I am likely bagging out of work early today and working from home for the next few days, so all in all, I am happy!

With that, have a great Monday friends!  If you are going to get hit with this blizzard, stay warm and safe–and remember to lift with your legs! 🙂


Question of the day

How was your weekend?  Anyone else go sledding?


2015 Reading Challenge

It’s no secret that I love to read, I mean, I read well over 100 books in 2014!  Crazy? I know, but I just love to get lost in a good book!  I even joined Oyster (you can get a month free with this link if you want to try it), a Netflix-like monthly subscription for book lovers where I can read unlimited books from my phone, tablet, etc every month for only $15.  That is like putting candy in my hand.  So, when my friend Christen posted on FB that she was doing the Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge and asked if anyone would be interested, I immediately jumped online to check it out and of course, decided I was in.  Not only was this a cool challenge, but it would push me out of my reading comfort zone and force me to read books in different genres.  So, I have been reviewing the categories and trying to find books that fit into each area of the challenge.  Here is the list:

pop sugar

I am finding that a lot of the books may land in multiple categories so I can pick and choose where I will use each of them.  Some of these categories are a piece of cake but others will be tough for me, like a graphic novel or play (I thought I left these behind in school?!) These are not in my wheelhouse of things I love to read, but I guess that is what the challenge is all about, expanding my horizons!!

I started the 2015 Reading Challenge off by reading Robin LaFevers’ first book in the His Fair Assassin trilogy, Grave Mercy.  I highly recommend it.  It is set in 15th-century France and has war, romance, and assassin nuns, its pretty awesome.  Christen actually recommended it and I am SO glad she did, since she and I seem to like a lot of the same books!


I quickly finished this one and flew through the second (which I think I may have liked better than the first if that is possible!!) They are SO good! I can’t wait to start the last book–right after I finish the book I am currently reading, another great one…American Sniper which is a true story about U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle who has recorded the most career sniper kills in US military history.  They just made a movie about it, which I look forward to seeing after I finish the book!


Question of the day

What are you currently reading? Are you doing the Popsugar challenge?  Any books I HAVE to check out?

Weekly Wrap Up

Hey friends..Happy Monday!  Are you working today like me or do you have the day off for MLK Day?  I love holiday traffic, I flew into work today and it’s going to be a relatively quiet day at work since most people with kids in school are out today!  That means I will actually get my work done during the day and not have to take it all home with me to do it when Ashton goes to bed, I am already calling today a win!!  So, let’s recap what happened around here last week, shall we?

Week: 1/12-1/18

Monday:  I am still trying to get my body used to running a few days a week again and I am keeping my mileage pretty low for now and not doing any speed work or anything until I have a few weeks under my belt.  I got in a comfortable 3.33 miles and then I did some weighted burpees! I am a freak, I love burpees–sorry, I know most people hate them, but I think they are awesome!  You work your whole body and get so much more “bang for your buck” with this move!!  

Tuesday: Another day of running, I did a 5k tempo where I warmed up for 1/4 of a mile and then did 2.5 miles at an 8:30 pace and then a 1/4 mile cool down. It wasn’t anything crazy but it did the job.  I worked core after I was done and stretched.

Wednesday: I got into work earlier than usual and got some lifting in before my usual Wednesday morning spin class.  You all know how much I love my spin instructor Erin and this class, and her music just rocks.  I have been playing around with my playlist lately and I randomly heard this song a few weeks ago and I feel in love with it…well, it found itself into Erin’s spin playlist too and it just solidified why I love her!  She used it for a long hill climb, it was awesome.  Music is a total motivator for me, if the music is good, I can push through anything, if not, I’m dead in the water.

Thursday: I still haven’t made it to my Thursday morning yoga class since we got back from the break.  I want to, its just that I have to decide between cardio or yoga because I just don’t have enough time to do both in the mornings and I think my break from running has left me craving more runs, so I banged out a quick 5k and finished off with some abs.  I know I have to get back to my yoga practice though!

Friday:  I started to run but only made it about 1/10 of a mile and my knee was telling me no, so I listened and jumped off.  I ended up getting on the stair climber–aka the machine from hell and did a super sweaty 3,000 steps while watching Hart of Dixie (judge away, I love Rachel Bilson!)  After work I picked up Ashton and we went to our favorite little cafe for smoothies…it was the best way to kick off the weekend!

ash and i at nu cafe

Saturday: We had a really busy Saturday starting with swim lessons with Ashton.  He is in a preschool class now where we don’t go in the water with him.  When did my baby become such a big boy?

ash swim

He is loving class and doing such a great job.  It makes me so happy to watch him learn new things and enjoy them, but another part of me is so sad at how quickly he is becoming an independent little boy.

After swim we had lunch and while he took a nap, I popped in T25 Beta Ripped Circuit. I needed something quick so I had enough time to shower and get some work done before he woke up because we had a busy night planned.  It’s amazing how when I used to do this video a few months ago, it was challenging but when I did in on Saturday, it was *almost* too easy.  I mean, it’s never easy but I felt comfortable doing it.  It really further shows me how much stronger I have gotten over the past few months and I think a lot of it had to do with the Asylum program.  I am lifting more and feeling stronger than ever!  Now I just have to keep up the strength!

After Ashton woke up, we got ready to go out to dinner.  We made early reservations at a Mexican restaurant downtown because we were taking Ashton to see Sesame St Live!!  He was mesmerized and had a blast!  He danced, sang and kept saying “Mama this is so much fun!”  Melted my heart every single time!

sesame st

If you would have told me 3 years ago that my idea of a good time would be eating dinner at 4:30 p.m. and going to see Sesame St Live, I would have laughed at you, now…I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do.  Seeing him smile and laugh like that is the best way to spend my time!

Sunday: Rest day! It was the perfect rest day because it was pouring and dark all day, so we hung out, played a lot of board games and Ashton asked if I would take a nap with him, so that is exactly what I did. I can’t remember the last time I took a nap!  I curled up on his giant bean bag and passed out for 2 glorious hours! (We have a webcam and Robyn took a pic of us sleeping)


I am pretty happy with the week, I am KILLING my water intake goal (I am averaging in the 90’s instead of my 70’s goal) and I am feeling really good.  I am pretty happy with my workouts.  I want to increase my mileage but I am playing it safe which I know is the smart thing to do.  I want to write out a more concrete plan in the next few days, but all in all, it’s been a good week.


Question of the day

Are you working today?  If not, what are you doing?  How was your week?


Nākd Natural Balance Bars {Product Review}

Hey my healthy friends, Happy Wednesday!  To celebrate the half way point in the week, I am excited to share with you a new to me product, Nākd bars.  A few weeks ago I received an email from Greg from Total Media asking if I would be interested in trying Nākd bars from a UK company called Natural Balance Foods.  After a little bit of research on the company and the product, I emailed him back saying I would definitely be interested in trying them out.  Two days later, I had this beautiful box of delicious goodness delivered to my house.

nakdI loved the presentation of the bars and the box with it’s “Hello Gorgeous” on the top just made me smile (great marketing Nākd!!)

What first drew me in when doing my research was that Nākd is a brand that truly prides themselves on not only being wheat, gluten and dairy free, but their bars contain 100% natural ingredients.  Their Nākd snack bars are made from 100% raw fruit and nuts and contain no added sugar or syrups, which I think is pretty spectacular!  Depending on the bar’s flavor, the bars contain mostly dates, cashews, almonds, pecans, and raisins and you can pronounce every ingredient in their bars! Another added benefit is that their fruit-based bars also count towards one of your 5 fruits a day–pretty sweet!

We are all really busy people, juggling a lot of priorities.  May of us start our days in the wee hours of the morning getting in our daily workouts then commuting to work, working a full day then commuting back home where some of us are running after our kids, dogs, etc. I don’t know about you, but it can be really hard for me to find 30 minutes free during the work week to eat anything. I am usually shaking my blender bottle with my protein shake on my way to my first meeting of the morning and am in back to back meetings until the end of the day on most days.  That leaves me super hangry by 3 p.m. and it would be great to have some sort of healthy sustenance for my commute home.  As much as I’d love to grab a bar to snack on during the day, most bars, protein or otherwise, are not a good option for me as most contain sugar alcohols like sorbitol and my body cannot handle them without severe discomfort, so I tend to stay away from most bars.  Plus, most of them are packed with tons of sugar and processed junk so I’d rather not eat them.  Did you know:

“A typical cereal bar can contain as many as 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognizable and several of which are actually just various types of sugar. Despite what it says on the pack we all know that these heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive-filled cereal bars are not really ‘healthy’ at all!”

That’s a pretty big difference in the list of ingredients, don’t you think?

In my box, I got 18 bars in a variety of flavors like berry delight, cashew cookie, cocoa mint, pecan pie, cocoa orange and caffe mocha to name a few!  Before writing this review, I wanted to be able to try 1 of each flavor so that I could be confident in my review with you all.

Overall, these are great bars.  The flavors were really good, with my favorite being cocoa mint or berry delight and my least favorite was Rhubarb &  Custard.  They are pretty small in size (which makes them perfect for a quick snack) but they are very dense bars and remind me a lot of Lara bars in their look and consistency.  I have used them as both pre and post workout fuel and quick on the go snacks.  Ashton really enjoyed them as well and I even caught him reaching into the box to “grab a bar” for himself when I wasn’t looking (sneaky little kid!!)

I had two negatives to the bars, but neither one is something that would stop me from eating them.  First is that the nutritional content is in kcals (which makes sense because its a UK brand) but I like to know how many calories are in each bar from the packaging (depending on the flavor, they range from 130-160 per bar with 3-4 grams of protein.) I wasn’t hard to get on my phone and do the calculation, but I would have preferred it to be right on the packaging in calories. For a lot of people this is not a big deal, it was just a minor thing I would have changed.

Additionally, these bars are kind of high in sugar. Although it is all natural sugars from dates, raisins, etc as they do not add any additional sugar, they clock in at 11-18 grams per bar.  Again, while higher in sugar, for me, natural sugar is always better than added or chemical substitutes so I was okay with this as well, but I feel its an important thing to point out when doing a review.

I know that once I am through with this box, I will definitely be restocking on them as they are perfect when I am running in between meetings or after my morning workout before I have a chance to make my protein shake.

The good news is that Nākd has arrived in the US!  You can purchase via their website right now with free shipping (the sampler box is only $9.99!) and they will be coming to US stores shortly so be on the lookout!  If you live in Canada, you can find them in stores now. Be sure to visit their website to check out more about this great company and their products!

 ***Disclaimer: Natural Balance Foods sent me a box of bars in exchange for a review but as always, all opinions are my own.***


Question of the day

Do you regularly eat bars? What brand? Have you heard of Nākd bars before?

Weekly Wrap Up

Good morning and happy Monday my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our weekend started off slow and then got busier as it went on, but it was a lot of fun.  A good mix of activities and relaxing with my boys, just what I needed after a long and busy week at work!  So without further adieu…here is the Weekly Wrap Up!

Week: 1/5-1/11

Monday: It was my first day back at work in almost a month, I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm with first day of school work jitters.  The good part about waking up early is that I was able to leisurely get out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth and hair at a normal pace instead of my frantic usual pace so I can get out the door ASAP.  I got into work early which was great (still not rushing) and I got in my first run in over a month!! I did 4 miles at an 8:42 pace and I felt good, like really good, which proves to me that Asylum really did make a difference in my strength. If I could sustain that pace without putting in a maximum effort, it clearly helped me!  Afterwards I did some planks for about 10 mins and called it a morning.  In the evening I did the #30dayyogachallenge after I put the monster to bed.

Tuesday: I knew my legs would feel my run the day before, but overall they weren’t too mad at me.  My IT band was a bit tight (nothing bad at all, just a slight twinge) but I still wanted to run, so I did 3 miles. I kept my paces in the higher 8’s and I felt good. Afterwards, I did 3 sets of 8 of weighted burpees and quickly finished with a 3 minute plank hold.

Wednesday: YAY!! I was SO SO SO excited to get back to my regular Wednesday morning spin class!  I missed this class so much while I was on vacation.  It was good to see all my spin buddies and our instructor Erin!  It was a great class and I was a sweaty mess afterwards.  We did a class full of hill work, so my legs were a bit sore going into the class from my running and the hills didn’t do them any favors, but I made sure to stretch out a lot after class and was thankful I was wearing my flat riding boots at work all day!  Heels would definitely not have been a good idea!

Thursday: I thought about doing my usual vinyasa yoga class in the morning but I really wanted to run so I did 3.33 miles in 30 minutes. I took it pretty slow and I started Season 5 of White Collar on Netflix on my phone while I ran.  Since I am not teaching Group Power in the evenings anymore, I wanted to get in a more intense workout than yoga. I don’t know what I am going to do moving forward because I really like taking a yoga class at least once a week, but I want to get my cardio in as well….#firstworldproblems

Friday: I ended up waking up really early (again!!) because I was stressed about my day at work.  So, I left my house earlier than usual so I had enough time to get in 5 miles before my first meeting of the morning. I watched White Collar again while I ran and the run seemed to fly by.  I kept it at an easy 8:57 pace and then I stretched when I was done and did some planks and called it a day.

Saturday: Ashton had his last sports class last week 🙁 so we decided to go back to swim lessons this session and see how it went.  We put him in swim at 6 months old and went every week until about 3 months ago.  He was not loving the whole parents are no longer in the water with you class that he was bumped up to last time so we had decided to give him some time away to see if he would come back better.  Let’s just say it was a totally different experience and he LOVE it this time around, let’s hope this wasn’t a fluke!  How cute is this picture? (Ash is on the left)

2015-01-10 10.04.14

After swim we stopped for smoothies at a local cafe and then headed home for a nap.  Once Ashton was asleep I did Asylum Strength.  I really loved the Asylum program and now that it’s done, I am going to still incorporate some of the videos into my weekend workouts since they are so good.  I think the strength workout will be my go to video since I am not teaching Group Power on Thursday’s anymore and I need to get in weight training.  We were going to go to the library when Ashton woke up because they have this great toddler play area, but we looked online and they closed at 4 p.m. so we ended up having a game night at the house instead.  Ashton is obsessed with board games, which makes Robyn and I so happy because we love them ourselves.  We have about 6 toddler board games right now but his favorites are Orchard and Monza.  We played games for about 1.5 hours and he insisted on wearing my hat while playing. I may have to get him a newsboy hat because he looked so adorable wearing mine!

2015-01-10 17.31.27

Sunday: REST DAY!! We met our friends and their boys at Sky Zone for their 2 hour toddler jump and the boys had a blast.


Seriously, if you ever want to laugh really hard, go to Sky Zone.  Watching kids run, jump and fall over is hysterical, I got in a good ab workout that way!  After the toddler jump was over, we finished off the morning/early afternoon with a trip to Wegman’s.  It is seriously like a candy store for adults, I LOVE grocery shopping there (so does Ashton!!)  I thought briefly about doing some yoga during nap time, but honestly, my body needed the total rest so I decided to start organizing my pictures of Ashton for 2014 so I can get started soon on his yearly picture book.

So that is the Weekly Wrap Up!  Overall, I was pleased with the week, I started back to running in 2015 and looking forward to continuing this.  I also need to create a more diverse plan of action, but for the next couple of weeks, I want to continue to run 3-4 days a week to get my body used to that again.  I also did some ab specific work with plans and am calling that a win!  I totally fell off the #30dayyogachallenge.  The thing is, I really enjoy it, the videos are short and sweet, but the first 9 days, I didn’t really feel challenged and as much as I like the relaxation aspect of it, I can use those 15-20 minutes now that I am back to work for prepping my meals and bag for the next day of work, so I just let it go.  I don’t feel too terrible about it, it was just easier to keep up with when I was home and on vacation. Maybe I will pick it up again sometime, but not right now.

Have a great Monday friends!


Question of the day

How was your week?  What did you do for workouts? What are you looking forward to this week?


2015 Goals

Hi friends…how are we doing today?  Everyone surviving the first week back to work after the New Year?  I must admit, as much as being on vacation was great, I love the structure of my weeks when I am at work–yeah, Type A here…no surprise about that.  So I mentioned on Monday I’d have some goals for you today.  I am not big into New Year’s Resolutions, they just don’t really seem real to me and most don’t last past a few weeks, so I don’t bother with them.  Why set myself up for failure when I can focus that energy somewhere else.  While I don’t do resolutions, I am big on setting goals, so I have some goals for myself 2015.  Similar to my year in review, I am going to bucket them into 3 categories, Family/Home, Work and Fitness, so here we go!


Hire a designer and get the inside of our house finished (new paint colors, window treatments, area rugs, furniture, etc- for every room-we need a total overhaul!)

Spend more quality time with Robyn (in 3 years, we have only been out that many times just the two of us! It needs to change.)

Work on being more present at home (sometimes I get in my own head, worry about all the things I have to do and zone out.)

Spend less time with electronics while with the boys (I am terrible at “just checking” FB, Instagram, etc.)



Successfully redesign and launch our product’s website

Design a brand new visually appealing and functional dual brand booth for our 2015 medical conferences

Meet with my mentor 2x a month to discuss long-term growth and goals

Continue to learn and take on new responsibilities in my new job



Drink at least 70 oz of water a day–I am lucky if I was( I am tracking this daily with an app)

Workout 5-6 days a week with at least 3 days of running

Work on more speed work vs. distance

Try and get my 5k time under 21 minutes (this will be really tough)

Incorporate strength, spinning and yoga into my weekly cross training

Do specific core work 3x a week

Try a new Beachbody program


new year


I hope you guys have a great day, it’s literally freezing here and it’s supposed to get colder (in the negatives tonight and tomorrow–eek!)  Be warm and happy!


Question of the day

Do you make resolutions? Goals?  What are they?

Weekly Wrap Up

Yay, it’s my first post of 2015, welcome back and Happy New Year!  So, my 3 1/2 weeks of vacation is officially over and I’m back to work today.  I have to say, as much as I love vacation, I was ready to come back to work. I always feel this way after taking these last few weeks of the year off.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to get going! I even woke up about 30 minutes before my alarm went off (gasp!)  So now that we are headed full steam into 2015, here’s what my last week of vacation workouts looked like!

Week: 12/29-1/4

Monday: I woke up early to do the Asylum Game Day workout since it’s the hardest workout and I just didn’t want it hanging over my head until the afternoon when Ashton napped.  I finished it by 7 am, took a quick shower and read until Ashton woke up.  Once he did, we got moving, picked up my niece Ariella, stopped at Starbucks and we were off for a shopping excursion to the Natick Collection which is the best mall in the area, it seriously has EVERYTHING from Lululemon and Nordstrom to Neiman Marcus and Tory Burch.  We did some shopping and got home in enough time for Ashton to have lunch and nap and I got in day 2 of the #30dayyogachallenge that focused on opening the shoulders and chest. It’s only day 2 but I really like this challenge. The videos are 10-20 minutes long and before you know it, they are over and you feel much more relaxed and stretched than you did before. I really love yoga so getting a daily dose of it is great!

Tuesday: I woke up, ran around with Ashton and went and saw my niece’s basketball game.

ash and i basketball 1

We had such a blast and she played really well.  After we got home, we had lunch and I put Ashton down for his nap and I did the Asylum Vertical Plyo video and followed it by the #30dayyogachallenge

Wednesday: I was supposed to do Asylum Back to Core but I put in the wrong video and I ended up doing Strength and didn’t realize I did the wrong workout until after I was done and putting in the next disk for Thursday…oops!

Thursday: Today was a rest day for Asylum but I did my #30dayyogachallenge video and I am really loving it!

Friday: Robyn had to work so I decided to take Ashton to the Ecotarium in the morning.  This is kind of becoming a yearly tradition for us on New Year’s since we did it last year (but on New Year’s Eve instead.)

basketball 2

We met up with some of Ashton’s friends there and the boys had a blast. They were so busy jumping, building, looking at the animals and climbing all over everything, it was really fun to watch them all together!


I mean, how cute is this group picture of them?

boys at ecotarium

We ended up getting lunch with them afterwards at Panera and then when we got home, Ashton went down for a nap, I did Asylum Speed & Agility and then the #30dayyogachallenge and before I knew it, I woke Ashton up from his nap so we could get to my nieces basketball game.  I love being home during the week to actually see these games!  Ashton had a great time too! He gets really into it, clapping when the make a shot or saying, “She failed” when they shoot and miss!  I loved being able to take him with me because he LOVES his cousin so much!

basketball 3

Saturday: I was supposed to do Asylum Strength but since I did that on Wednesday, I did Back to Core since that was the workout I missed on Wednesday and followed it up with the #30dayyogachallenge

Sunday: I was supposed to do Asylum Game Day but my whole day’s schedule was thrown off. We were supposed to go to Sky Zone with our friends and their boys (the ones from the Ecotarium) but we got quite a bit of snow and freezing rain and we all decided it was safer to stay home. So while Robyn was out snow blowing, I got ready and was going to get my workout done, but then Ashton woke up and it didn’t happen.  I would have normally done it during his nap but I had plans to see my cousin’s who were in town for their daughter’s cheer leading competition. I hadn’t seen them in 13 years, so it was well worth missing a day of workouts to see them and catch up after so many years.  I did do the #30dayyogachallenge after I put Ashton to bed, then I started running around frantically trying to get my food prepped and my bags packed for my first day back to work! Eek!

All in all, another solid week of workouts!  Stay tuned for some of my goals in 2015!  Have a great Monday!


Question of the day

How was your first week of the New Year?