Weekly Wrap Up

Good afternoon friends!! It’s a scorcher here in Boston today with temps in the 90’s! EEK!!!  I hate to complain about the weather since we have about 9 months of cold, but my pasty white skin can’t take the heat and sun like that, so today, I am thankful I work in an air conditioned office!!!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Do anything fun?  We had another busy but fun weekend filled with birthday parties, a race (for me), and a trip into Boston to the Aquarium and Faneuil Hall.  It was perfect and this week is a short week for me with the 4th of July holiday, so I’m only working Monday- Wednesday!   Anyways, enough about that.  Let’s see what happened last week in the Weekly Wrap Up!

Week 6/23-6/29

Monday: I did my T25 Beta Core Cardio followed by a 5 mile run in 42:37 (8:31 pace) and it felt AHH-MAZING!!  I finished up the workout with some core work on my own (my Blogilates App wouldn’t load on my phone for some reason! BOO!)

 Tuesday: I had an early morning with having to get to the airport (only to be delayed) en route to Philly.  So, essentially, this was a rest day.  Once I landed in Philly, we checked in, grabbed lunch at The Palm (it was fantastic!) and then was in sessions from 1-5:30 p.m.  We headed to the cocktail reception and then had another incredible meal at Buddakan and called it a night.  A lot of good eating/drinking and no exercise…OOPS!  

Wednesday: I was travelling with my friend and colleague Dee and we decided at dinner the night before that we would meet early in the morning and get in a good run togehter before sitting all day at the conference.  We met up at 6:30 a.m. and got in a great run while taking in some of the sights near our hotel.

philly run

 I didn’t have my Garmin, so I don’t know how long we went but I am going to say it was at least 4-4.5 miles.  It was really muggy but it was really nice to run and chat with someone, something I haven’t done in a REALLY long time and it made me realize how much I missed running with others.

Thursday: After a long day on Wednesday (and a delayed flight coming back home), resulting in not seeing Ashton before he went to bed (so bummed!), I woke up and was totally not motivated to workout out but I pushed through the T25 Beta Rip T Circuit video and then did my usual Thursday morning vinyasa yoga class.  I felt quite a bit better after yoga, it was just one of those classes where everything clicked and I left feeling better about the day.  I taught Group Power in the evening and cuddled a little longer than usual with Ashton before bed so I didn’t get in anything else for the day.

Friday: I did the T25 Beta Rip T Circuit and then T25 Beta Dynamic Core and then spent a good amount of time foam rolling in anticipation of my race on Saturday.

Saturday: I had my 2nd in a series of 3 trail races put on by Xterra.  It was an 8k race and it was pretty terrible (from a performance and execution standpoint.)  I’ll recap it in more detail later this week.  Am I glad I did it? Yes.  With that said, I don’t have high hopes for the last race of the series, but we will see how it plays out.

Sunday: Rest day.  We took Ashton into Boston for his very first visit to the Aquarium.  WE all had a good time, although Ashton really had more fun jumping up and down off the viewing sills than anything else.  But I guess that is what is fun and exciting for a 2 year old! 🙂

Ash aquarium

After the Aquarium we walked over to Fanueil Hall and took in some of the sights.  Going back to Fanueil Hall is always really nostalgic to us since that is where Robyn and I met and fell in love, so its fun to go back there  with Ashton now and point out to him where we used to work and places we used to like to visit. 

So friends, that was my week.  It wasn’t ideal with some work travel thrown in there, but all in all, I am pretty happy with it.  I wasn’t as great with core workouts as I have been in past weeks so I need to jump back on that train this week so get on me if you don’t see some good core work listed next week, okay?  I need you all to hold me accountable 😉

Have a wonderful week friends!!


Question of the day

How was your week? Weekend? Anyone race?


Six Places

Good morning!! Sorry I’ve been MIA for most of this week, with work travel landing me in Philly until Wednesday night and a lot of excitement at work over some great data we released, its been kind of a whirlwind!  I haven’t been able to catch up with you all and I’m sorry, but I’m back and it’s Friday so that means it’s time for a little bit more about me via the 10 Day Challenge.  Today’s post is on 6 places.  I thought about whether I wanted to highlight 6 places I frequent a lot that I love or places I have traveled to,  but I decided I would highlight 6 places I want to travel to.  I have said many times here that I LOVE to travel and Robyn and I did quite a bit of travelling before having Ashton and I get to travel for work too, so I have been pretty fortunate to visit a lot of really great places, but here are some (I really had a hard time pairing the full list down) of the top places on my “to go” list!  Many will have to wait until Ash is a bit older though and can enjoy what we are doing (and tolerate the length of the flights), but I have no doubt that we WILL visit all of these places.

10 day you challenge

Six Places

1. Africa (specifically, an African Safari)

I’m dying to do an African Safari…I have looked into quite a few companies who specialize in this type of experience.  I’d really like to go during the Great migration so we can hopefully see a very diverse population of wildlife.

great migration

2. Australia & New Zealand

Robyn and I have been talking about a trip to Australia & New Zealand for quite a few years.  We likely would have gone in 2012, but I got pregnant right after we got back from our 2 week adventure in Ireland (hands down our best vacation ever) in 2011 and it was put on the back burner, there was no way I was travelling that far while pregnant!  We couldn’t choose between both places, so we would definitely do both in one trip!


3. Asia 

I know this is pretty broad and it’s intentionally that way because when we go, we are going to do a REALLY big trip spanning many cities.  Why take such a long flight and not try to maximize the time you have there?  We are thinking we would need to go for at least 3 weeks.

4. Iceland

Robyn and I had planned to go to Reykjavik in 2010 but the Bachelorette headed there for an episode which caused a lot of interest there so the prices SKYROCKETED and our very reasonably priced vacation turned ridiculous so we opted to go to the Grand Canyon instead (which was a totally amazing trip, so it wasn’t a wash!)  Iceland is only about a 4 hour flight from Boston so we hope to get there soon and swim in the Blue Lagoon!


5. South Africa

I have always wanted to go to Cape Town, I mean it’s kind of the best of all worlds, it has the water, hiking and wildlife encounters!


6. Greece

Greece has such a rich history and is set against a stunning backdrop.  It’s been on my travel list since college when a friend of mine did his study abroad semester there and came back with amazing travel stories.  I want to see the Colosseum, the whitewashed homes, blue-domed churches, and the pastel-colored baroque homes.  They also have gorgeous beaches, huge mountain ranges, vineyards and olive orchards…seriously, how could you NOT want to go there?


So there you have it, my top 6 places we want to travel to at this point.  However, I am happy to go anywhere as long as I am with my boys.  We haven’t traveled a lot with Ashton, our biggest trip with him was to Toronto last summer, but given that he was only 18 months old, he was a total rock star during the long trip.  I look forward to exposing him to more as he gets older.  



Question of the day

Where do you want to travel to?  Have you been to any of the places on my list?  If so, tell me about it!



Weekly Wrap Up

Good morning!! How is everyone doing today?  Did everyone have a great weekend?  We had another busy, but really wonderful weekend.  The weather was perfect, we spent a lot of time outdoors, hanging with friends, eating good food and laughing.  I always feel really refreshed when our weekends are like that.  Now, I am back to work and ready to take on a busy week at work.  I am heading to Philly for a few days tomorrow morning, so I have a lot of work to get done in the office today before I leave.  So, let’s dive right into the Weekly Wrap Up!

Week 6/16-6/22

Monday: I started week two of T25 Beta with the T25 Dyanmic Core workout.  I followed it up with a 5 mile run right after it and was feeling really great.  I think that T25 and my core work is helping my running a lot, I didn’t feel taxed at all during this run.

mon 6-16

In the afternoon I did my usual yoga class at lunch.  All in all, it was a good day!

Tuesday: I did the T25 Beta Core Cardio video and then lifted bis, tris and shoulders and my muscles were feeling it!  I  finished off the workout with Blogilates Victoria’s Secret Model abs video.

Wednesday: Started with the T25 Rip T Circuit video and then went directly to  Spin class.  I was a sweaty mess after that class and logged almost 18 miles on the bike!!  After Ashton went to bed I did Blogilates Abs on Fire video.  

Thursday: Thursday is usually my busiest day.  I did my T25 Beta Upper Focus video followed immediately by a vinyasa yoga class.  In the evening I taught my Group Power and went heavier on the weights to test out a new “normal” weight factor.  I was surprised to see that I was able to easily go up in weight without much extra fatigue.

Friday: I did my double T25 videos, the Rip T Circuit and Speed 2.0 and followed it with another 5 mile progression run.  

friday 6-20

Again, I pushed the speed a bit and felt really strong.  I haven’t been running all that much so having this feel relatively easy was kind of scary! HA!

Saturday: Rest day (with the exception of swim lessons and running after Ashton all day long!)

Sunday:  On Sunday a few of us drove out to Boston and did a 3 hour kayaking tour in the Boston Harbor.  It was a GREAT shoulder, arm and ab workout.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather and it was the perfect way to end the weekend!

 Overall, I had a great week. I was able to log some faster miles and felt really good doing so. I kept up with my core workouts and all in all, I am happy with the progress this week.  I am going to be travelling this coming week, so I have to give a bit with my workouts, but I am still planning on getting in my T25 videos at the very least for the 2 days I am gone.  I have a race this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be ready!  

Have a wonderful week friends!!


Question of the day

What did you do this weekend? How’s the weather where you are?


Seven Wants

Howdy friends!  How is your Friday going so far?  It’s only 10 a.m. and I have been SUPER productive already so I have a feeling today is going to be a GREAT day!   So, we are going to continue on the Friday Feature of the 10 Day You Challenge.  Let’s go shall we?

10 day you challenge

 Day Four: Seven Wants

1. For Ashton to grow up to be a happy, well-adjusted, “successful” adult.   I hope that all of the things Robyn and I do to parent him to the best of our ability and his life experiences lead him to have a really happy life.  The successful part is all relative, will he be a Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Barista, Bus Driver? I have no idea, but it he is happy with his career and can provide for himself, I consider that successful.

2. To live a long, happy, healthy life with Robyn. 

3. For my Mom to “beat the odds” and live to see Ashton grow up.  I only had one grandparent growing up (my Gram died 8 months before Ashton was born) and she was always a huge part of my childhood and adulthood and most of my significant memories in life include her.  I hope Ashton is lucky enough to have that relationship with my Mom too.

4. To always enjoy the work I am doing and who I work with.  I have been VERY fortunate to land in an industry that I enjoy.  Of course there are days when I wonder what I am doing (no job is perfect), but I feel like what I am doing is making a difference, I am always learning and being challenged and my co-workers are incredible.  I hope this is always the case.  We spend SO much of our time at work, I don’t think I could work somewhere and with people I didn’t like.

5. To always have enough money to live comfortably.  I know “comfortable” means something different to everyone, but for me it means being able to pay our monthly bills without worry, having money in the bank for emergencies, putting the appropriate amount of money aside for retirement, being able to go on yearly vacations and do weekend activities when we want to.  Basically, I want to choose to live frugally rather than have that forced upon me.

6. To always be able to find perspective, happiness and hope in every situation, even when bad things happen.

7. To be healthy enough to always be able to workout and chase my fitness goals.


Question of the day

Tell me one of your wants?  What’s on tap for you this weekend? Anyone racing?

The story of the Silver Bullet (& our goodbye story)

Hey friends.  Sorry I missed you all yesterday, I ended up having a pretty crazy Tuesday evening and didn’t get to write up my post (more on that in a few) and I spent the majority of Wednesday in back to back meetings (always a total blast) so I didn’t get a chance to stop by and check in with you all.  So, surprise you are getting a Thursday post this week!! WOOHOO!

I had a totally different kind of post planned for you on Wednesday, but that is getting pushed off in favor of my BIG news.  So, a little back story.  Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in the greatest city in the world (Boston if you didn’t already know, DUH!) and she met and fell in love with this tall, dark and handsome man.  After living together in this wonderful city, they decided they wanted to buy a house, but would only be able to afford a tiny condo in said city so they decided to move further out of the city and buy a house in a town where there are huge fenced in yards (with visions of a dog running around.) However, when you move out of a walk able city, you need to drive everywhere (including to work, GASP!)  Well, this city girl never owned a car before so one of the first purchases that was made after buying a new house was a new car.  Since money was tight, she settled for a tiny, little two door silver Toyota Yaris hatchback that got incredible gas mileage. This girl loved her silver bullet (lovingly coined this because it was tiny like a bullet.)


Well, this girl and her silver bullet spent almost 7 years together and finally last month, after driving it almost 200,000 miles, the car decided it was tired of driving (it failed inspection and needed over $2,000 in repairs) which left the girl sad as she wasn’t ready to let the silver bullet go, but knew she couldn’t justify the cost when the car had so many miles on it.  She was put in a situation where she needed to buy a new car…and fast as the rejected inspection sticker would expire on July 23rd.  So, she started researching cars, spoke to friends and colleagues, took to social media for recommendations and after many hours of researching and test driving cars….on Tuesday evening, she bought herself a beautiful, big, shiny new car… a 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek!


So yeah…that is where I spent my entire Tuesday evening instead of writing up a post for you all #sorryimnotsorry !  I am totally in love with my new car and am still in awe of the fact that I have power doors and windows, SUCH A LUXURY!! I even have heated seats and a moonroof among many other really cool features!  This is such a HUGE upgrade from the silver bullet.  While I was sad to let go of my old car (I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to what I need in a car,) BUT…I am really excited about my new teched out car.  Since we moved to our new house in August, we experienced what a brutal winter with our new driveway entails, which basically meant that I would not be getting my car up our super long and steep driveway into the garage and I would end up getting stuck in snow banks while my car slid down the driveway on numerous occasions, which was a total PITA.  Now I have all wheel drive so that shouldn’t happen.  Also, now that we have Ashton, getting him in and out of a two door car was another super PITA (when asked about that, I explained that it was poor family planning and that usually got a good laugh).  While this was tougher when he was an infant,  it’s still tough to strap him in since he is rear-facing. I had to get into the backseat with him to get him strapped in which usually ended up with me breaking a huge little bit of a sweat!  Lastly, I wanted something a bit bigger, heavier and higher off the ground, so it is safer for us.  So, that’s my big news folks, I bought my 2nd car and I am still very much in the honeymoon phase of this relationship…but I am enjoying my new companion.  I have a feeling we will be spending a great deal of quality time with each other over the next few years! 🙂



Question of the day

How many cars have you bought?  What are you driving now?  What is your dream car?

Father’s Day and the Weekly Wrap Up

Happy, Happy Monday!  I hope all of you had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday.  Father’s Day is still a really tough holiday for me, but I have to say, it was picture perfect weather here in MA and we spent a wonderful day at Edaville in Carver, MA at the day at a Day out with Thomas (the train) event.   If you have a toddler, you will know who Thomas is…if you don’t, well, he is a steam train from a super popular book series (and now TV series) and the main character is Thomas.  Ashton LOVES to read his Thomas books and we have close to a dozen of the Thomas and Friends trains for his train track, so when we arrived and he saw Thomas, you can imagine the reaction. We bought tickets to ride Thomas and Ashton was SO SO excited and his face was priceless!! He kept looking around in wonderment and saying “Mama, there’s Thomas!”  It was totally worth the long trip and ridiculous ticket prices to give him so much happiness!

Ash on train
After our train ride, we watched a few other train times take off and listen to Thomas talk and then rode a lot of amusement park rides.  Ashton went on a carousel for the first time and he loved the “horsies”!

ash on carosel

All in all, it was a truly wonderful day with my boys!  Okay, so now that brings us to my Weekly Wrap Up…I feel good about last week’s workouts and I am happy that I was able to get in a good about of ab work done, which is a big ongoing goal of mine.

Week 6/9-6/15

Monday: I started the T25 Beta Program with the Cardio video, then quickly did 1 fast mile at an 8 min pace and finished off with Blogilates Slim Waist video.  I took my normal Monday afternoon vinyasa flow yoga class, which always leaves me feeling strong (I was rocking the headstand in class!!) and refreshed. I am a big fan of inversion poses, which is probably why I loved the aerial yoga class I took this past December so much!  I didn’t do anything in the evening since I felt I got in enough during the day.

Tuesday: I did my T25 Speed 2.0 video and all I can say it HOLY SH** that video is FAST!!!  Seriously, I am very coordinated and used to dance, but the speeds they were cranking out were no joke!!  After my butt kicking, I did some kettlebell work and then did the Blogilates 5 best exercises to flatten your lower belly video.

Wednesday: I did my T25 Rip T circuit video and then did my Wednesday morning Spin class immediately afterwards.  Afterwards I did some stretching and light ab work and had to wrap it up to get into my office.

Thursday: I did the T25 Dynamic Core video then a lot of stretching and some additional core workouts before calling it a morning.  I taught my Group Power class in the evening and then finished off the day with Blogilates ABC Abs video.

Friday: I did the T25 Beta Upper Focus then the T25 Core Cardio with some more ab work afterwards.  I also took a new lunchtime spin class at work.  I have been wanting to get in another spin class during the week and this one popped up so I gave it a try.  I am going to talk more about this in another post, hopefully later this week.

Saturday: I planned to get in a short run, but Robyn had some work he needed to get done in the morning so I was on Ashton duty.  We had a lot of fun running around and then we went to swim class.  In the afternoon, my nieces came over to watch Ash during his nap because I have until July 23rd to get a new car, so Robyn and I were out test driving cars.  It’s a long story I will get into later I’m sure once I buy my new car, but seriously, who knew shopping for a new car would be so exhausting??

Sunday: We had to be up and out of the house super early on Sunday to take the 80 mile drive to Carver for our morning train time at Edaville so I didn’t get in a morning workout.  Then, we decided to stop for lunch on the way home so we didn’t get home until late, but it was totally worth it.  By the time I finished chasing Ashton outside for the hour before we had dinner, and then did our bath time and story routine and put him to bed,  I just couldn’t muster up the energy to workout out.  I opted to hang with Robyn and get caught up on some episodes of Shameless and call it a night.

So, overall, I had a good week of workouts.  My weekends have been lacking in the workout department but I am constantly moving, so I am okay with that right now.  We have some busy weekends coming up but I do have another trail race in two weeks, so I should get in some more miles, but other than that…I am happy with where I am at right now.


Question of the day

Did you celebrate Fathers Day yesterday?  What did you do?

Tell me how your week of workouts went?  Highs/Lows–or anything else you did!



Eight Fears

Happy Friday!  Another week gone by…how is it that we are already moving into mid-June??  Crazy!  Anyways, its day 3 of the 10 day you challenge and it’s time to focus on my fears.  You will find a very common theme among my first 4 fears…sorry about the repetitiveness, but these are MY fears.

10 day you challenge

Day Three:  Eight Fears

1. Ashton dying. The thought of losing this little boy brings me to tears just writing this.  I have had a few friends who have lost their children, the way it felt to watch that was crushing, and in no way comparable to what they felt, but I NEVER, EVER want to feel that.

2. Robyn dying. I like to joke with Robyn because he is quite a bit older than me, but because of that, I also worry about something happening to him.  I couldn’t imagine my life now without him in it.

3.  Me dying.  I don’t want to miss out on watching Ashton grow up and experiencing life or growing old with Robyn.  The thought of not being able to do that brings me a lot of anxiety, especially when I have to travel, etc.

4.  Losing my mom or sister. I’ve mentioned this before, but I only have my Mom and sister left and losing them would be devastating.

5.  Not being the kind of parent that Ashton appreciates and is proud of. Obviously as a parent we want to do the very best we can for our kids and give them the best possible life.  It would eat me up if I wasn’t able to give him this.  I want the best for him and I spend so much time agonizing over important (or what I think is important) decisions about him and his future.  I hope he understands and appreciates that as he gets older. I also hope he thinks I’m a cool parent, you know, the house that everyone goes to and hangs out at because the parents are fun, (in a responsible way,) has good snacks, do fun activities, etc.

6. Being a failure and not accomplishing my major life goals or bucket list items.  I have always been a goal driven person and I always have a goal or plan in mind.  I hope I am able to achieve my goals.  The thought of failing and letting down myself and my family keeps a fire lit under me.

7. Not being able to workout.  I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation.

8. Home invasions. I know this may be a strange, but I hate being in our house alone and even when I am not alone, at night, every noise makes me jump.  I often lay in bed and get nervous when the furnace kicks on or I hear an unusual creek.  I also check (and sometimes recheck) all the doors and windows at night before we go to bed.  The rational part of me knows the likelyhood of this is slim, but it still terrifies me.  Maybe I shouldn’t watch movies like Taken anymore 😉



Question of the day

What is one of your fears?

Focus T25: Alpha Review

Howdy friends!  If you have been following along on my blog for a while now, you know I have been doing the T25 program.  Coming off my marathon training, I really wanted to try some different workouts that allowed me to still run and do yoga and spin. Being a fan of Shaun T and the Insanity program, I was curious about the T25 program…I mean, 25 minutes of high intensity work is kind of right up my alley and it’s how I REALLY like to train.  Well, I just wrapped up the Alpha phase and as promised, here is my review of my first 5 weeks.

T25Alpha Cardio







This was the first workout on the Alpha plan and let me tell you, it’s gonna make you SWEAT! I thought I was in great shape going into this program, coming off my marathon, but clearly, you are using and isolating much different muscles in this video vs. running.  I started this video a week after the marathon so I think I may have been slightly still in recovery because my calves REALLY felt this workout the first 2 times I did it, but then, I started really looking forward to it each week.  The video starts slow and progressively builds the moves (this is a common theme in the Alpha phase.)  You will see high knee jogs, jumping jacks, pivot lunges, mountain climbers, half tuck jumps, hop squats, switch kicks, and speed knees.  There is no floor work in this video other than to touch the floor with your fingers during the lunges.  You will also see Burnout rounds…this is also a common theme among the videos where you take the moves you have learned and put them all together and REALLY dig deep to bust them out as quick as possible.  This is a GREAT workout and will definitely get your heart rate high.  If you are a beginner, there is always a modifier showing the low impact moves.


Speed 1.0







The Speed 1.0 video is just that, it’s about building speed.  You will move fast and at times I was gasping for air in the beginning wondering if I was going to make it through.   Some of the moves in the very beginning I had to really focus on so I could get the beat.  You will see lots of hopping (with turns, hooks, squats), burpees, uppercuts, cross jacks, squat thrusts, and Heisman moves.  Thankfully I have very good coordination and can follow a beat well (all my years of teaching Group Power sure help) so I was able to pick it up quickly and follow along.  There are periods in this video where you will stop to stretch your quads, hip flexors, calves, etc which was a nice “break.”  Once again, you will find your heart rate really high, so these stretches allow your heart rate to recover a bit before going hard again.


Total Body Circuit

t25_total body circuit






In my opinion, this was the hardest video of the group.  In the beginning, I dreaded seeing the calendar on the mornings I had to do this video.  It wasn’t until the last week when I noticed I didn’t want to die at the end (that’s how I know I was getting stronger.)  There is a lot of floor work in this video and you will likely need a towel because you will be soaked when you are done.  Also, since you are on the floor a lot, you want to make sure your hands don’t slip, you need that traction.  You will see everything from hops, hooks, shoulder taps, lunges, rotating jabs, in and outs, plank walks, power squats, pike ups, spiderman and oblique knee push ups and body runs.  A TOTAL killer.  I can see myself going back to this workout once the program is over, it’s THAT good and hard.


Lower Focus

t25_lower body focus






This was probably my favorite video in this series, mainly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE working my legs.  Don’t get me wrong, a few profanities slipped out while doing this because it’s TOUGH, but in general, I’d rather work my legs than any other body part.   You will see double jacks,  normal and adductor squats with pulses and jumps, calf raises and hops, narrow and wide lunges with pulsing, up and overs with squats and floor touches and deadlifts.  Because you are working the biggest muscle group in the body, your heart rate will go up and you will sweat..A LOT.  That’s a pretty common theme in all these videos. 


Ab Intervals

t25_ab intervals






This is mainly a floor workout, although you do get up to do short bursts of cardio like hop squats, sprints with squats, speed kicks and lateral mountain climbers.  For the floor portion, you will see spider lunges, planks with pulsing, various “V” sits, straight leg lifts, scissoring, heel taps, Supermans, lat pulldown, Rocketman, wide in and out pyramids and tabletop.  This ab workout in NO JOKE.  I have been working my abs consistently now for quite a few week and let me tell you, Shaun T pulls no punches in this ab workout.  While this is way less cardio intense in comparison to the other videos, it is very effective.









There isn’t much I can tell you about this video.  Why?  Well, because I never did it.  Why?  Well, I do yoga 2x a week and I didn’t need it, simple as that.  I followed the Alpha program workouts to the T, with the exception of this workout on Sundays.  I suppose I should have tried it at least once, but since I was doing a lot more everyday than just T25, I just didn’t have it in me to do anything more when I felt I could get my stretching in while doing my normal yoga classes.  Again, you have to know your own body and make that determination for yourself. I think those newer to working out or to workouts like this may really benefit from this video and I would say that if you were ONLY doing T25, that you should do this video as well.



I really enjoyed the program.  I liked that it was short enough that I was able to do other things (like spin, yoga or run) but also packed a serious punch and there was no time wasted in these videos.  You got moving immediately and kept moving until the very end.  Like any workout, you really get out of T25 what you put into it.  The key is to never stop moving while doing the videos.  You can of course modify all the moves by following their modifier, Tonya, but if you want to really push yourself to the extreme, you can follow the rest of the group (this is what I did.)  I have done the Insanity program and absolutely loved it, and while some of the moves have an Insanity feel to them, this is definitely a much different program, packing an hours worth of workouts into 25 condensed minutes.

I loved that you learned the moves  and how to execute them properly and then during the burn out phase you brought them all back together and kicked it into higher gear for a short burst.  It kept you engaged in the workout and I liked being able to really focus on the proper execution of the moves.  I liked that the music in the video wasn’t overpowering and 90% of the time, I couldn’t even pick it out in the videos because I was so focused on the moves and what Shaun was telling me.  I also really love the clock in the bottom left corner that tells you how much time you have left, along with the bar showing how much time in a specific move you have left. I used that a lot in the beginning when it felt SO hard. It kept me focused and moving when I knew I only had 5-10 seconds left.  It’s really so mental at times.

Shaun does a good job of coaching the appropriate safety cues for the moves, which is critical for those who don’t know how to do moves correctly.  I think being an instructor myself really helped me get the most out of the moves as I found myself checking in with my body and readjusting my form when I noticed I wasn’t feeling things like I should.  Since these workouts are very cardio focused, you will find your heart rate getting really high and staying there for most of the workout, so if you have any concerns, you should monitor this and stay within your healthy limits.

I definitely noticed during the last week that the workouts felt much easier (not easy, just easier.) One of the girls at my gym who has done the program before and has seen me doing it for the past 5 weeks even commented that I wasn’t soaked in sweat like I usually was while doing the lower body focus video for the last time.  It just proved to me that I was getting stronger, which was the whole intent behind me doing this program in the first place.  I also felt at the end of the 5th week that I was ready for a change.  When you sit with the same few videos for a while, you start to mentally check out.

Note: There is a cool down at the end of each video that will bring the video over the 25 minutes.  I did not do the cool down as I was moving on to my next workout of the day, but I would highly suggest doing the cool down if you didn’t have anything planned after the video.  Also, on Friday’s you double up the workouts, so it’s actually 50 minutes of workouts.  I suppose you could break them up into 25 minute segments throughout the day or push one to Saturday, but I also did them back to back, which I’m assuming is how they intend them to be done.  Lastly, I did NOT follow the nutrition program.  Nutrition is of course 80% of the battle but I don’t do well following a specific meal plan and this meal plan was designed to be used when just doing this program and I was doing a lot of different things.  I tend to eat fairly clean and try to Zone a lot of my meals so I just kept doing that.  I didn’t follow the meal plan while doing the Insanity program either and still got great results.



Question of the day

Have you done T25, Insanity, or another program like it?  Tell me about it!


Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday again.  Last week was a little off with me being in Chicago part of the week, then back home on Tuesday night, trying to get caught up at work and at home, etc.  It wasn’t a bad week, just an off week and I felt a day behind all week!  I typically have pretty structured weeks since I know what to expect at home and work, so I had to adapt a little this week, but no big deal in the big picture.  I finished the Alpha Phase of T25 last week and took this week off from T25 as my Beta Program wasn’t working on my phone while in Chicago. 🙁 I started it back up this morning and it was great.  Anyways…let’s see how last week panned out.

Week 6/2-6/8

Monday: We had another early morning of educational sessions so I did a quick Yoga video and Blogilates The ULTIMATE Hot Body Workout for Flat Abs, Slim Inner Thighs, Perky Butt & Toned Arms video and called it a day.  Sometimes workouts while traveling aren’t ideal, but being able to at least do something keeps me happy.  Balance is really important.

Tuesday: I had to get up really early and get to the airport and I was out really late the night before, so today for all intents and purposes, it was a rest day.  I picked up Ashton from daycare, he requested ice cream so that is what we did.  We went and got ice cream and I spent the evening chasing him around the back yard and getting lots of hugs and kisses.  A perfect way to end the day!

ash icecreamWednesday: I was wait listed for my usual morning spin class which at first I was pretty irritated about, but I wanted to get a run in anyways for National Running Day and it turned out to be a great run, I did 3 miles in 25 minutes flat and it felt really, really good so I suppose not being able to go to spin wasn’t SO bad! I also got in some ab work right after my run.

Thursday: I did the Blogilates 5 best Exercises to Flatter your lower belly video followed by an hour-long vinyasa yoga class.  In the evening I taught my usual Thursday night Group Power class.  I was going to do more core when I got home, but I did core in the a.m. and in Group Power and I was exhausted, so I did laundry instead…exciting stuff 😉

Friday: I was off on Friday and spent the day with Ashton.  As I mentioned on Friday, we headed down to visit my Mom and sister.  I spent the morning running after Ashton at the Dr. Seuss exhibit, which was a blast.  After we got home, he went down for a nap and I went through some light yoga moves on my own and cleaned the house.  It was a light “structured” exercise day, but I was really active so it wasn’t all a wash.

Saturday: I went to swim lessons with Ashton, ran around after him all day outside at home and at the park and then in the evening did the Blogilates Intense Ab Workout and then the 5 Best inner thigh moves.

Sunday: We spent the day running around outside with Ashton and IT WAS HOT!  It was a little over 80 degrees and while that isn’t SUPER hot, when you are directly in the sun, it feels much hotter.  I had good intentions of doing some core work after Ashton went to bed, but I was fried.  My Irish skin just doesn’t do well in the sun and I was exhausted from running after Ashton at the park all afternoon.  He amazes me with all the energy he has.  I was sweating so much and he kept running around like a lunatic.  Why are there no parks built-in the shade?  We were talking about this yesterday.  We cycle through 5-6 parks without 210 minutes of us so he doesn’t get bored with just one and every single park is wide open and exposed to full sun at all times. If I were going to create a park, I would create one in the shade so those like Ashton and I (the Casper’s of this world) could have some reprieve from the sun! HA!

Well, this week was far from ideal from a workout perspective, but I am okay with that.  A few years ago this would not have sat well with me, but I’d like to think I have developed a better balance and understanding as I get older…that, and  I plan to rock this week! 🙂

Whatever you do today, make it great!



Question of the day

How are your workouts going?  Are you training for anything in particular?  Tell me about it!


A long weekend and Nine loves

Hi friends, TGIF!! This post is a little late today because I took the day off (yay for long weekends!!) to spend with Ashton.  Since I missed out on a lot of playtime while I was in Chicago, I decided we would have a fun Mommy and Ashton day.  We jumped in the car early this morning and made the 40 minute drive West to go visit my Mom and sister.  We went to visit the Dr. Seuss memorial in Springfield and the caught an early lunch before heading home so Ashton could nap.  It was such a great morning, here are some of my favorite pics from the day! Dr Seuss collage I just love this kid, he is such a fireball of energy!  He crashed hard and is now peacefully napping, so here I am.  So, I mentioned last week that I was going to do a mini-series on Friday’s called the 10 Day You Challenge.  Well, here we are, back at Friday, so on to day 2!! 10 day you challenge Day Two:  Nine loves

1. Robyn It’s been over 9 years and I am still crazy about this man.  He makes me laugh and feel loved every single day and is an incredible Dad.  I never believed that I could find a true partner in this life, but he is everything I have ever wanted or needed. While no relationship is perfect, I feel very, very thankful that we found each other. laughing at robyn2. Ashton I talked briefly about this in my first post in this series, but I am truly thankful that Robyn and I decided we would try and have a child.  While I know we would have had a great life just the two of us, this kid lights up my (and our) life.  There is absolutely nothing in the world a smile, hug and/or kiss from his little monster can’t fix.  He has his moments like all kids do, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I have never known love like this before, and every single day is an adventure with him. ash hike sunday 5-18 3. My family I don’t have a big family, there are only 3 of us, but I feel so lucky that I am really close to my Mom and sister.  Even though they like to drive me crazy at times, they are always there for me when I need them and I love them so much! mom,ash, ashton and i 4. Morgan My sweet, sweet boy!  There truly is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.  No matter what happens or how you act, they love you no matter what.  In the 8 years we have had Morgan, his cuddles and kisses and happiness when I am around has helped me more than he will ever know.  I am so thankful to be his “mama!” morgan 5. Exercise I  have always been an athlete and really can’t imagine my life without exercise in it.  A workout can help calm me, invigorate me, and so much more.  They aren’t kidding when they say you can get high off endorphins! workout-good mood 6. Reading Reading is one of my favorite hobbies (next to working out.)  There is nothing like getting lost in a book for hours on end.  Reading helps me relax and it’s a very common occurrence for me to sit down to start a book and not get up until it has been finished in one sitting.  I read at least 1 book a week, I am currently reading The Fault in Our Stars and am really enjoying it, although it’s caused a lot of waterworks. books 7. Traveling I was bitten by the (international) travel bug when I was given the opportunity to travel abroad to play soccer when I was a teen.  Since then, there is rarely a year that goes by that I don’t get in some significant travel.  I feel very, very fortunate enough to be able to travel and see amazing places and there are just so many more places that I want to travel to and explore with my boys. Thankfully Robyn shares my love of traveling and we have a very similar travel style, and we can’t wait for Ashton to come explore with us! travel 8. Sleep I wish I could say I am one of those people who doesn’t need at least 7 hours of sleep a night, but I am just not.  I NEED sleep and because of that, even on the weekends, I am usually in bed asleep no later than 10 p.m. Best believe9.  Music Music is really such a powerful force.  It can remind you of things past and present, it can help motivate and inspire.  I listen to A LOT of music.  I commute 3+ hours a day, so I listen to it then, in addition to anytime I am in my office, I have Spotify on.  I don’t think this is a day that goes by that I don’t listen to at least a few hours of music.  While I am 90% of the time listening to country music, I am currently obsessed with Sam Smith (if you don’t know who he is, Google him IMMEDIATELY), so most of my listening over the past 6 or so weeks has been spent listening to his powerful voice. I can’t pick a favorite song of his, I love them all! Oh my gosh! This is so true! There is one song that comes on the radio, and all these memories from 8 years ago start pouring in!


Question of the day

What are some of your loves?