Boston Marathon Training: Week 10 Update

It’s officially 6 weeks until race day…that sounds so ridiculously crazy to me!  Remember when I was a bit panicked about my revised training plan?  I am SO over that.  Mike, my PT and now running coach is seriously a genius.  It’s like he knows what my body needs before I do.  This plan has been awesome.  By the end of last week I was exhausted and wishing for a bit of a break and voila, this week is a step back week. I really needed this week more than I can tell you.  Nothing was hurting, I was just physically tired, feeling like I could be in bed by 8 p.m. every night.  I didn’t go to bed THAT early, come on…it was at least 8:45 😉  But seriously, I love this new plan.  So, here is what my step back week looked like.

Week: 3/10-3/14

Monday: Rest day, I was planning on doing my usual lunchtime yoga class at work but a meeting was scheduled so it was a true rest day.

Tuesday: 6 miles on the work treadmill. I didn’t get a pic at the end of my run because I realized when I got to the gym that I left my headphones at home, so I was going to have to run with nothing to listen to.  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be since I was able to watch tv on the treadmill, even though I had no idea what they were saying! I did the Blogilates 5 Best and Most Effective Ab workout after my little monster went to bed.

Wednesday: I took a Spin class in the morning at work.  They have these really cool counters on the bikes that tell you how far you biked, I did 20 miles in 45 mins, I had no idea how much you biked during a spin class.  Granted we did a lot of sprints and tabata work, but still, I would have been happy with 15 miles, so 20 blew my mind!

Thursday: I taught my usual Group Power class and had a blast.  There is nothing like the energy of teaching to a packed room and I had a few new girls who said they really liked it and looked forward to coming back to my class…SCORE!

Friday: 6 miles on the work treadmill.  I’m not really supposed to be doing any speed work, so I did a mile warm up and then 1/4 mile pick ups with 1/4 mile recovery for 5 miles.  The “speedwork” was done at 8:30 pace and the recover at 9:12, so not super fast, but I needed to get my legs moving faster than they have been, I used to do all my runs in the mid 8’s and I wanted to make sure I could still get there without too much effort.  It gave me a bit more confidence.

friday march run

Saturday: I planned to do a yoga class, but we decided to take Ashton to a local library as we heard they had an amazing toddler play center…and they did.  He spent 2 hours running around having a blast and then we were dragging him out to get home for lunch before my SIL came over to watch him while he napped so we could get our taxes done.  Then, on a whim, we decided to have my nieces over for a make your own pizza night and games, so I ended up taking a total rest day.  Totally worth it for some extra family time!

Sunday: I did my first split run.  I did 6 miles early in the morning and it was tough.  I kept thinking, 6 miles would be super easy but my calves were not happy with me. However, I did have a beautiful view on my run, even if it was only around 12 degrees.

sat am run over lakeI had to stop a few times to stretch my calves and was frustrated. With having to cancel my Friday PT appointment because Ashton had a conflicting Dr appointment, I think that had a lot to do with it.  I got the run done though, so that is what matters.

sat am run

After the run, I showered and we went grocery shopping.  I had to eat two meals before heading out for my next run, so I ate breakfast and a few hours later, a light lunch.  I was really not looking forward to the second run given how bad the first run went.  But, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. Not only was it almost 40 degrees out, but everything fell into place on this run, I felt fantastic!!

sat pm run 2I have never done a split run before and while I was really nervous to do my first one, I have to say, I am glad I got to experience one, even if the first run wasn’t great.

Total mileage: 24 miles…next week’s a big week and I feel more refreshed and ready to take it on!

Plan for Next Week

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 10m

Wednesday:  X-train

Thursday: Teach GP

Friday: 9 miles, last 3 at tempo

Saturday: yoga

Sunday: 19m


Question of the day

Tell me about your weekend.  Did you run long?  Race?

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  1. My training for my first half ever {this June} is sucky, I have no one to train with and motivating myself is getting difficult. You are doing great Sara and I can’t wait to see the race when you finish it. Our weekend was filled with baseball tryouts and soccer tryouts, then the time change had us all tired and wiped out.
    New week, new motivation 🙂
    Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…iHealth and Our Blood PressureMy Profile

    • It’s really tough running on your own, especially when you are prepping for your first race in a distance. I have found a good playlist and audio books to help a lot or an ear piece to talk on the phone with a friend while doing your training runs!! Good luck!!

  2. I did get a run in, but it was cold and the worst. I know I have ran when it was colder but the wind seemed especially brutal. I don’t really run long anymore, I do five miles on Saturday and Sunday normally and maybe another during the summer. Running is the break from weight lifting.
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