Boston Marathon Training: Week 13 Update

Howdy friends!!  I hope you had a great weekend. I got home around 6:45 p.m. last night from my whirlwind trip to Michigan (more on that later this week) and am just trying to get back into the swing of things.  I know I will probably say this about 100 times in the next few weeks, but seriously, I cannot believe the Boston Marathon is almost here.  3 weeks from today, 3 FREAKING weeks! AHHH!!!!  So, in typical Monday fashion, I am going to recap last weeks training.  I have to say, this week was about a thousand times better than last week, I felt great every single run and it was definitely a super confidence boosting week which is great as I am heading into my taper.  So…here we go:

Week: 3/24-3/30

Monday: I took my normal lunchtime Yoga class at work, nothing special to report on. I stretched, it felt good!

Tuesday: I did 12 miles, the first 10 were to be done at a comfortable pace, the last 2 at tempo with 6×30 second pickups sprinkled randomly into the run. I felt amazing the entire run, I was nervous to kick up the speed at the end, thinking since I haven’t done any speed work it would be too hard, but I was running at an 8:27 the last two miles and felt fine. 

march 25 12 mile run

Wednesday: I clearly didn’t look at my plan closely , because I was supposed to have a rest day.  I had signed up for my usual Wednesday morning spin class since Wednesday is usually my cross training day, but realized when I got in my car on the way to work, that my plan said I was supposed to rest, so I gave up my spot in spin.  I was already dressed for the gym, so I did 10 mins of very slow, no resistance biking and then foam rolled for about 20 mins and called it a day.

Thursday: I taught my usual Group Power class and went light on my legs as my plan advised.  I felt like I was going a bit too light, but I wanted to make sure my legs were fresh for the last long run of the training this weekend.

Friday: Because I was traveling over the weekend for work, my boss gave me Friday off so I could pack and get ready (how awesome is she??)  Unfortunately, Ashton was coming down with a cold, so on Thursday night I called the pediatrician and I got him an appointment Friday morning.  So I quickly did my 5 miles on the treadmill and then spent the rest of the day cuddling with my little sickie.  In the evening, I had a PT appointment which felt amazing.

5 miles march 28

Saturday: Saturday was a rest day for me as I was traveling to Michigan.  I made sure to wear my compression socks and hydrate so I was feeling really good.  The flight was only about 2 hours which was really nice as well.  I was able to rest and read a book!

Sunday: My last really long run was scheduled for Sunday and I also had my half marathon to run, so I did a 5.5 mile warm up before heading to the race.  I took it really easy, drank a lot of electrolytes in preparation for the rest of the day and felt really good!

pre race run

Then I ran the half marathon, ran it and then did a .4 mile cool down to end the day at 19 miles.  I will recap the race this week, so I am going to keep this part just to the basics.  My final time was 1:55:48

final time


Total mileage: 36 miles

Plan for Next Week

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 8 miles easy

Wednesday: Cross training

Thursday: Teach Group Power

Friday: 12 miles (last long weekday run!!!)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday:  16 miles, very easy start and last 6 at marathon pace


Question of the day

Tell me about your is it going? What are you training for?

Race packing and a new playlist

Howdy friends, what a week we just had.  Pheew! So, I’m not going to do my normal Friday post with the Things I’m Loving because, well, because I am a REBEL!! 🙂  No, really, it’s because I wanted to share with you my packing list for my half marathon this weekend and my newly created playlist for this race.  As many of you know I am heading to lovely Detroit, Michigan on Saturday afternoon to run the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon in Grosse Ile as part of a corporate sponsorship through my company.  While I will NOT be racing this event (I have to keep reminding myself of this) because I have my marathon in just a few weeks, I am SUPER excited to run this race as a representative of my organization and more importantly for an incredible cause.  Even with all the anxiety this has come with me participating (and thank you SO much for all your wonderful comments), I know this is a very worthy event and I know it will be a great time.

So, this is my very first race I have had to take a plane to.  I usually race within 2-3 hours driving distance from home, so I don’t have to worry about packing for an overnight trip. I can sleep in my own bed, eat my own food, lay my clothes out at the very last minute (and make multiple changes) and not really worry about much in advance.  So, flying to an event is much different because if I forget something, I’m pretty much out of luck! So, the weather forecast says snow showers on Saturday, but Sunday is *supposed* to look like this:

45 | 32 °F
I’m not getting my hopes up, the race is at 8:30 a.m., so I know it won’t be 45 degrees out, and it may not even be 32 out when we start so it’s a good thing I have been running cold temps all winter because I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to pack.  So, I pulled all my clothes out, checked it a few times and I’m hoping I am not missing anything important!  So here is what I have:

Hat, gloves, jacket, 2 pairs of compression socks (during and after), 2 pairs of insulated tights (so I can choose that morning), running shoes, running fuel, two dri fit tops for layering, sports bra, sneakers, warm clothes for when I’m done running and waiting around, Garmin and charger, Jaybird Bluebuds and charger, foam roller and trigger point ball, Flip Belt, Energy Bits, tablet (for the plane), clothes and shoes to travel in…okay, it that it?? Let me know if you think I’m missing something critical!!

And now…onto my playlist. I am hugely motivated by music, but I also have to keep in mind that I CANNOT race this event. I promised my PT that if I participated in this, that it would strictly be a training run.  I know the excitement of a race and fans can throw off even the best laid plays, but I think (and hope) that the fact that I have to run 6 miles BEFORE the race even starts (I have to log 19 miles as my long run on Sunday) will keep me in check pace wise since I will be running on tired legs.  So, here is my new playlist and I know it is ALL over the place in terms of style of music, I like a lot of different styles when I run…it always makes me laugh because 99% of the time, I only listen to Country outside of running.  I hope it’s as great as a playlist as I think the songs are as stand alone songs.CF Rocks half marathon playlistWell, that’s all I have for you today. I am home with a sick kiddo and he is now napping, so I am going to throw all my stuff in a bag and hope I’m not missing anything.  I will talk to you all on Monday.  Whatever you do this weekend, be safe and have fun!


Question of the day

Have you ever traveled for a race? Any good words of advice?

A special delivery and irrational fears

Howdy friends!!  This week has been a bit of a blur.  Between a super busy week, training, family life and getting ready for my trip this weekend, I feel like I’ve been a bit all over the place. I got home from work last night and I had this very special delivery waiting for me.

boston packet

My Boston welcome packet and number for bib pickup!!  I was SO excited to open it up, as one of my friends had posted earlier in the day that she received hers, so I was hoping I’d get mine as well.  I don’t think I have ripped into a package so quickly!!  It’s getting more and more real as the days tick by, I know after this weekend’s 19 miler, I start my slow taper and I know the race will be here before I know it.

So, as my mind was racing with all this running,  so I started thinking through the items I needed to pack for my upcoming trip this Saturday.   Then, all of a sudden, dread consumed me. Dread?  Me?  I was taken back as I was standing in my closet and a wave of panic consumed me.  Normally, when it comes to running, I am super excited and bouncing around getting my clothes together for runs, but I started to think of all these irrational thoughts and almost lost it.  Why?  I have never been away from my son for more than the amount of hours I work in a day. He just turned two and while a lot of people let their parents and extended family take their kids while the parents go away for a night or two, or just because their family wants one on one time with their kids, we haven’t.  We have been asked many times  but I have always said no without a second thought.  It’s not because I don’t think he will be okay, because I know he will, my husband and I  just don’t want to be away from him…it’s simple as that.

Before having Ashton, I traveled a lot for my job (and for fun).  I LOVE to travel, I don’t really care where, I just love to explore and be in new places.  I have been fortunate enough to bounce all over Europe and a lot of the US and Canada because of work.  Ashton even traveled with me to Spain and CA while still safe in my belly.  Once I was too far along in my pregnancy to travel, I spoke with my boss about my need to be home, especially during the first year of Ashton’s life since I was nursing him.  That was not a problem at all.  I haven’t been on a work trip since I was about 7.5 months pregnant and Ashton just turned 2 in February, so it’s been a while.  There were a few instances last year when there was talk of me having to go somewhere and I managed to get out of it, but I know moving forward that can’t happen. My job is to get out there and see people.  I already have 3 trips on the books in the upcoming months for work, with one long trip to Madrid.   So, I knew the trips were coming, but I think I kind of mentally blocked them out.  I thought when I agreed to go to this race that it was a perfect “experiment” since I will only be gone for about 36 hours.  However, it’s proving to be way worse for me than I initially thought.

Again, I think Ashton will be fine with Robyn. I mean, if we are being honest here, Ashton would choose Robyn over me 95% of the time, except when he is sick and puking…you know, all the fun times I want to be the one he wants 🙂  But I don’t want to miss anything with them.  Every single day Ashton is doing something more than he was the day before, whether it is putting new words together or exploring new things, I love this stage in his life, I just don’t want to miss something new with him.   I also have ridiculous fears of the what ifs, like what if  something bad happened to me? I mean, I know the stats, I’m more likely to get hit by lightning, but still.  The thought of not being around to see my son grow up is terrifying.  I literally feel sick to my stomach over this.  Intellectually, I know these are irrational fears, I know people do this all the time, I’m not the first or the last mother who has to travel for their career, but it doesn’t mean these feelings are any less real to me.  I stopped pulling my clothes out last night after this little incident and decided I would try again later tonight after I had time to process all these emotions.

I really hope tonight goes better than last night.  I mean, I know this trip is going to be really fun, I’m getting to do something I love (running) and two of my most favorite people I work with are also coming with me, so I hope that this trip helps rip the proverbial band-aid off since it’s only one night.  I’m hoping this is good practice for the  long trip to Chicago I have at the end of May, but PLEASE…for those of you parents who have to travel for work (or otherwise) please tell me it will be okay.  And if all else fails, I will be chanting this over and over again!




Question of the day

What are you afraid of? It doesn’t matter what it is…and tell me how you overcome it!

I’m Fit Possible

Hi friends…sorry for the radio silence yesterday, it’s been a REALLY busy week so far and I am falling a bit behind.  I did however want to tell you all about something I am really excited for that just couldn’t wait.  I am a new I’m Fit Possible Ambassador!!

I'm Fit Possible
I’m super excited to be a member of this amazing online community of health and fitness enthusiasts who are incredibly motivating and inspiring.  This awesome group is all about getting out there, trying new things, sharing, being positive and enjoying life…that is something I am definitely on board with.  I especially fell in love with their 4 beliefs that:
TOGETHER is better
Opinions COUNT
Being SOCIAL is way cool
Real stories by real people MATTER
What is even cooler is that the community has a wide range of members from those who are newer to health and fitness to ultra marathoners and everyone in between, which I love because everyone has something great to bring to the table because new perspectives and ideas make us smarter and better!  I look forward to this new adventure with I’m Fit Possible, and I cannot wait to share some of that excitement with you!!


Question of the day

What amazing online groups are you a part of? Tell me why they are so awesome!!

Boston Marathon Training: Week 12 Update

Happy Monday!!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was perfect and just what I really needed after last week.  I took my two teenage nieces to see Divergent late Saturday afternoon  (I really liked it!!) and on Sunday I did my long run and we took Ashton to an indoor trampoline center and we had SO much fun watching him jump around!  I woke up this morning ready for this week.  So let’s recap my week 12 of training.  I promised myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t hold back when it came to my posts, so I will warn you, this may get long at times. I had a really tough week mentally and physically…you have been warned.

Week: 3/17-3/23

Monday: I did my usual lunch time yoga at work. My legs were still really fatigued from the 19 mile run I did the day before, but I made it through and felt a lot better afterwards.  I was still really tired though and fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. that night. 

Tuesday: I woke up in the morning dreading my run.  It was “only” 8  miles but I was not looking forward to it.   Mentally, I was not with it, I started feeling this a bit last week, but I haven’t looked forward to my weekly runs in just over a week.  Well,  I only made it 5.5 and even getting there was brutal.  My calves were so tight I had to stop 4-5 times to stretch, which did nothing but prolong the time I was on the treadmill.  Every step was a struggle.  I ended up walking quite a few times and then the bottom, outside of my left foot started really hurting.  I was at my work gym and surrounded by co-workers so I didn’t want them to see how upset I was, but it took everything I had to make it 5.5 miles.  I really wanted to get to at least 6 miles but my foot told me to stop, so I did.  My time was awful and I felt beat down.  I hobbled off the treadmill and stretched the best I could and called it a day.  After my shower, I could barely walk without the pain in my foot telling me something was wrong.  I went back to my office, put some ice on it and was going to give it until morning to see how it was.  When I got home, I used a ball to roll it out, hoping that would help. I of course, started thinking the worst.  Like, I have come all this way and now I won’t be able to run the race.  It was not a good place for me to be.

tues bad run

Wednesday: When I woke up, my foot was still tender, but not as bad as it was yesterday so I went to my morning spin class. During class my foot felt fine, I would say it was like a 2 on a scale of 1-10 so I was hopeful it was just something weird yesterday.  After class, I showered and went back to my office and the next time I stood up to walk, the pain was back, it was about a 6/7 out of 10.  I immediately called my PT and they were able to squeeze me in for a late appointment. I met with my buddy Dan and I don’t remember the medical terms he used, but he felt that he could release it.  He did a lot of work on my peroneal tendon, used active release and graston and did a lot of mobilizing of my ankle since my ankles are super tight and I actually felt almost 100% better when I walked out of there.  He told me some massage techniques to do at night and I did them before I went to bed.  We also talked about switching out my current running shoes for my new pair.  While I only had 300 miles on them, I had my new pair ready to go and he said it was worth a shot of switching them out to see if it made a difference, plus it would be good to start breaking them in for the race.  We also discussed my Friday run. He knew I was seeing him late Friday afternoon after my run and we talked about the 11 mile run I had planned on Friday morning.  He told me he only wanted me to aim for 6-8 miles and see how I felt.   He said there was no use pushing it just to get in a specific mileage, so I agreed I would do somewhere in the ballpark of 6-8 miles.

Thursday: On Thursday I could feel something in my left foot, I would say it was a 1 out of 10.  Instead of doing anything light in the morning like I typically would, I decided to rest in the morning and just teach my Group Power class.  I felt good all day long and while I was nervous about my class in case my foot started up again, everything was smooth sailing. In the evening I did the release moves Dan showed me in hopes that I would have a good run in the morning.

Friday: On Friday I could still feel a slight twinge, but it was barely noticeable.  Mentally going into the run, I was worried.  I started off slow and waited for the pain…but it never came.  I felt a slight discomfort for a few mins but nothing that told me that I needed to stop and my calves were loose.  I decided I would do 6 miles and see how I felt, when I hit 6, I was feeling great, so I went another mile and then another.  When I hit 8, I wanted to continue, but I told myself to stop.  There was no use pushing a good thing too far, even though I think I could have finished out the 11 no problem.  After I ran, I stretched, showered and was hoping the pain wouldn’t come back.  It did come back, although it was very minimal, I’d say a 3/4 out of 10.  I went back to my office and used the trigger point ball to roll it out and that made it feel almost completely better.  I went to my usual Friday PT afternoon appointment and met with Dan and then Mike also stopped in to talk to me.  While Dan was working on my foot, Mike and I talked a lot about how I was feeling physically and mentally.  I told him how I was at a point where I was not enjoying my runs, rather, just doing them because that was what was on my training plan.  I was tired and feeling down.  I told him I thought the weather was really taking its toll on me, coupled with training alone for this race.  We talked a lot about this training cycle and he said he knew I could run the 26.2 miles but said that the mental piece is just as important as the physical piece.  We discussed my Sunday planned run (9 miles in the am/10 miles in the pm) and he told me he only wanted me to do 1 run, it should be in the ballpark of 10 or so miles and he didn’t want me to think about pace or anything else.  He needed me to mentally get back into the game, so I was to take it easy, run for fun and enjoy it.  I vocalized my nervousness that all my runs this week were cut short in some way and he was not concerned at all, he told me we would use this as a step back week and it was better to do a step back week now than to push myself to get the miles in and crash and burn before I even got to the starting line on April 21st.  I typically am not one to give up control to people very easily, but I trust in Mike 110%.

friday 8 miler

Saturday: I took a total rest day.  I took my nieces to see Divergent, I laughed a lot, I played with my son and I rolled my foot.

Sunday: On Sunday my husband let me sleep in (love him for this) and when I woke up, I decided to do my run during Ashton’s nap at 1pm.  We took Ashton to an indoor trampoline place and we had a ton of fun watching him jump and play, we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and I ate a light lunch before heading out.  I’ll be honest, I was still dreading the run the whole morning.  I was worried about my foot and I was tired of having to run in the cold.  Again, mentally, just over this training.  When it came time for me to get ready, I dragged it out and my husband even asked when I was going to run since I would normally be dressed and ready to head out the door as soon as I put Ash down for him nap.  I just didn’t want to head out, but I knew I had to.  I looked at the temp outside, it was about 36 degrees, which is super warm in comparison to what I have been running in all winter, but still colder than I would like.  But, I mustered up the energy to get dressed and get out the door.  I had 2 distance plans going out on the run, the first was to do an out and back run of 10 miles total and the second was to just see how I felt and make a decision from there.  I also decided to start my Garmin and then cover it up so I could not see the mileage or the pace and just take it easy and try and enjoy the run instead of focusing on anything else.  With the exception of the wind, it was a pretty comfortable temperature.  I wore my hat, tights (new ones to test them out) and only one long sleeve tech shirt and my windbreaker and I was pretty comfortable.  It was the first run that I didn’t wear my gloves for since I started this training in Dec.  My hands were a bit cold in the beginning, mostly because of the strong winds, but they warmed up and I kept them tucked into my jacket for the first half of my run.  I ran a semi familiar course and kept a pace that felt comfortable to me.  The first test was going to be a 1/2 mile hill that I hit every weekend on my long runs that leaves me huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top.  Well, I flew (relative flying, I am not super fast) up the hill and didn’t bat an eye.  It almost felt too easy.  What was going on?  I continued on, hitting a great groove and was on autopilot. I was listening to my audio book and actually enjoying (WHAT?!?) myself and the run.  When I hit the point in the route where I had planned to turn around, I was actually feeling great so I decided to extend it.  I ran for a few more minutes and took the only look at my Garmin the entire run (with the exception of the pic I took after I finished) to check the distance.  I hit the 6 mile mark, quickly took in some fuel and water and decided to turn around.  I started to head the 6 miles back home and I felt something I haven’t felt in a few week…happiness while running.  When I took my final turn, I knew I had a 1/4 mile steep hill to get up before I hit my house.  This hill kills me at the end of every run and I usually stop briefly at the top to catch my breath because its such a climb, but I powered all the way up the hill and ended in my driveway with a big smile on my face. There was a brief nervousness when I stopped my watch when I worried my pace was going to be super slow and I was shocked when I looked down and saw a 9:20 /mi pace.  I don’t know if it was knowing that I didn’t have to run a certain pace or that I didn’t have to slog through 19 miles, but 12 felt “almost” easy.  My foot felt great and I rolled it while drinking my chocolate almond milk and felt good the rest of the day.  This was the mental boost I needed at this point in my training.  I love that Mike knew what I needed and it worked.  I hope I have a strong week this week, and then it’s time to taper!!  April 21st will be here before we know it!

Sun 12 miler


Total mileage: 25.5 (was supposed to be 38)

Plan for Next Week

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 12 miles (last 2 tempo) with 6 x 30 second pickups randomly in run

Wednesday: Cross train

Thursday: Teach GP

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: Off (Flying to Michigan)

Sunday: 5-6 mile warm up run before 1/2 marathon (to be run at training pace, not race pace)


Question of the day

Tell me about your week of training? How did it go? Tell me the good and bad!!

Things I’m Loving XXI

HEELLLOO!!!  The weekend is so close to being here, can you tell I am excited?  I had a great run this morning, I have PT after work and then I am looking forward to taking my nieces to see the new Divergent movie tomorrow night..and of course, lots of quality time with my boys!  So, with the weekend so are the Things I’m Loving this week!

  • “Wuv You”

wuv you

On Tuesday while brushing Ashton’s teeth before bed, he stopped, looked right at me with the brush in his mouth and said “Wuv you.”  I stopped dead in my tracks and I said, “Ashton, what did you just say to Mama?”  I was in shocked and didn’t think I heard him correctly.  I took the tooth brush out of his mouth and he gave me a smile and said “Wuv you.”  I died, right there, I didn’t think I could love this kid anymore and he melted my heart.  Tears in my eyes and the biggest smile I could give, I hugged him tight and told him I loved him too.  Then, I proceeded to yell down the hallway to Robyn to tell him what he just said to me.  BEST MOMENT EVER!

samsungI came home last night after teaching my class at the gym, we did Ashton’s bedtime routine and as I was walking out of Ashton’s room after laying him down, Robyn gave me a box.  I was puzzled and I opened it and he bought me a tablet. I have been dying for a new tablet since he was testing a new one out for work a few months ago and apparently he had been waiting for the new Google tablet to be released but they keep delaying it, so he pulled the trigger and bought me this one!  I spent the rest of last night playing with it and I am seriously loving it.  I also ordered a cool case and screen protector for it that will be in on Monday.  I get so much use out of my Nook Color and my laptop but I wanted something that could do everything in one device and this can deliver that.  Plus it has a pen so I can write notes and edit pictures with it.  This was such a nice surprise and reminded that I truly do have such a thoughtful husband !!

This video is a must watch, the optimism in this video is so inspiring to me.  I have watched this video a handful of times this week and I just LOVE it.  “You are awake, you are awesome, live like it!”


Spring is SO close and this is by far one of my all time favorite nail colors for the Spring/Summer. I bought a new bottle of this polish this week and when I look down at my nails, even though its still COLD outside, it makes me feel a bit warmer inside knowing the warmer weather will (hopefully) be here soon!

I’ve had this song on repeat all week, I absolutely love it.  I first heard it on Monday early morning while driving into work and I was hooked.  If you like Country music (or even if you don’t) check it out!  It brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it and I can’t help but sing along…be thankful you can’t hear me! 🙂


Whatever you do this weekend, have fun!!



Question of the day

 Join in…what are YOU loving this week?

Eyelash experience

A few months ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs and Janae was talking about her monthly appointment for eyelash extensions and while I have heard her talk about them before on the blog, I didn’t really give it much thought.  Then, immediately after reading her post, Groupon must have been monitoring my reading (kidding…kind of) and a Groupon for a local salon and spa came through my inbox for a ridiculously priced deal on eyelash extensions.  I dug a little deeper and read up on it and decided to do something pretty uncharacteristic of me and give it a try (it was my birthday afterall, so I was going to live a little!)


Let me start off by saying,  I am pretty low maintenance.  I know a lot of women claim this, but really, I am.   I can shower, change put on makeup, do my hair and be ready to walk out the door in under 15 minutes.  My husband takes twice as long!!  I am also usually a minimalist when it comes to makeup, just putting on some moisturizer with SPF (my BB cream) and some eyeshadow and a sweep  of mascara and I’m done.  So, going for a treatment like this is not the norm for me, but I thought it would be fun to try something new.

When I set up my appointment, the woman I spoke with asked me to come to the appointment with no eye makeup or creams on because it will affect the glue they use to bond the extension to the natural lash with.  Easy enough I thought.  I arrived fresh-faced and met with Laurie the eyelash esthetician.  I had to fill out a bunch of papers where I had to list all the makeup/skincare products I use daily, along with the brands of products.  After I did this, Laurie reviewed it and said all the products I used were fine and I wouldn’t have to make any changes to my current regime, other than the fact that I would not need to wear mascara with the extensions.

Laurie asked me if I wanted a dramatic look for a special occasion and I immediately laughed. I am not dramatic in any sense of the word so I told her no, I just wanted to have a natural look and I was just trying this out as someone piqued my interest in it.   After looking at my lashes she said that my lashes were already pretty long and very straight (really?)  and that she would recommend only doing a 1mm extension but that she could make my lashes look fuller.  I agreed saying whatever you think will look best.

She laid me down on a massage table and put a neck pillow under me and then started prepping my eyes with the lash serum and applied a cold patch under both  my eyes, which  held down the lower lashes.  She told me the most important thing to do was keep my eyes shut the entire time and that a lot of people fall asleep during the procedure, since I would be lying there for 60-90  minutes.   She quickly went to work and it was a really relaxing procedure, there was no pain or discomfort, it was however weird to lie down in the middle of the day and by the end I was getting restless.  I never sit in one position for very long, so my legs were getting antsy, Laurie just laughed when I told her I had a hard time sitting still.  Thankfully she was just finishing up.  I spent about 2 hours there, with about 90 minutes laying down for the procedure.

Afterwards she told me just a few thing about care and maintenance.  First, I needed to keep the eyelashes dry for the next 24 hours.  This proved fun after my 19 mile run and subsequent shower, but I think I did a good job.  I f I was going to use a makeup remover, it had to be oil free and the more heat and humidity my lashes were exposed to the quicker they would fall out.  I asked her how long I can expect the lashes to last and she said anywhere from 2-4 weeks and that most people come in for a fill at that point, but it was all dependent on my natural lashes, as the extensions shed when the natural lash sheds.

So the results…

eyelash Collage

Overall, the results were great.  They were not dramatic and you wouldn’t look at me and think, wow, those look like fake lashes.  They are a bit fuller, but the length was barely extended so I didn’t notice a difference there.  What I really love is that I don’t have to put mascara on at all (it’s the little things people!!)  I am glad I tried it, but it’s probably not something I would keep up with.  Why?  Well, it’s really pricey.  The costs are highlighted below for the place that I went to:

Sexy Set (25 Each Eye) $100
Glam Set (45 Each Eye) $165
Foxy Set (60 Each Eye) $240

I did the Sexy Set but only paid $50 because of the Groupon.  There is no way I would personally have paid $100 to have them put on and then every 2-4 weeks you have to have them refilled which ranges from $60-$120.  That is a lot of money for eyelashes if you ask me, but again, I’d rather spend my money on other things…like running gear or cute clothes for my son!  I know that people spend their money on what is important to them and eyelashes just aren’t it for me, but I am really glad I at least broke out of my comfort zone and tried something new!  That is one of the reasons I love sites like Groupon and Living Social because it allows me to try things and places I would otherwise  not try on my own without the lure of a discount.



Question of the day

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40 things

Hey friends!!  I hope you are having a great week!  I am still not feeling great and had a pretty bad run yesterday which is why I didn’t post anything.  I wasn’t in a good frame of mind after my workout and I needed to just take a step back and get it out of my system.  I woke up in a better frame of mind thankfully, now if only my throat would stop burning, guess you can’t have it all 😉  So, I was reading through some blogs last night and Jessie did a cute 40 question survey, so I thought I’d join in.

1.Were you named after anyone? No and my name was supposed to be Christine, but then they changed it when I was born to Sara.  My parents said I just didn’t look like a Christine.

2. When was the last time you cried? I don’t cry all that much, so I know that the last time I cried was the morning of Ashton’s 2nd birthday, it wasn’t because I was sad, just feeling really nostalgic and so very happy to have him in our life.

3. Do you like your handwriting? I never really think about things like this. I’m kind of a messy writer, so I’d say sure, I like it.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? I’m not much of a meat eater, so can I say fresh mozzarella with basil?

5. Do you have kids? Yes, one perfect, healthy, gorgeous little green eyed monster!

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Of course!! I think I am pretty fun to be around and I’m told that I am a great friend.

7. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes, it’s a second language to me, but I have to tone it WAY down at work. 


8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes and I am hoping that once I go see the ENT about this strep throat issue that they don’t take them away!

9. Would you bungee jump? Yes, I have.  Would I do it again, no.  My risk tolerance is pretty much gone since I had Ashton.

10 What is your favorite cereal? I rarely eat cereal but if I could choose, plain Rice Crispies.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No.  With the exception of my running shoes, I don’t own/wear shoes that need tying and I don’t untie my running shoes when I take them off, but I do untie them before I put them back on.

12. Do you think you are strong? Yes, both mentally and physically.

13. What is your favorite ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip

14. What is the first thing you notice about other people? Eyes quickly followed by teeth.

15. Red or pink? Red

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I wish I wasn’t so introverted.

17. Any tattoos? Yes, 1 that is currently being lasered off and will hopefully be gone by the end of summer.

18. Do you love sports? YES!!!

19. What color shoes are you wearing? Gold, my fav Tory Burch flats!

20. What was the last thing you ate? A banana

21. What are you listening to right now? Pink’s “The Truth About Love” album on Spotify.


22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue

23. Favorite smells? Pretty much anything coming hot right out of the oven like my husband’s fresh baked breads, chocolate chip cookies, etc.

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Sue, the receptionist at my PT office.

25. Mountain hideaway or beach house? Either would be amazing, but right in this moment, beach house.

26. Sport to watch? College Basketball…GO BLUE DEVILS!

duke27. Hair color? Auburn

28. Eye color? Brown

29. Do you wear contacts? Nope

30. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings (or not happy endings) I’m just not a huge fan of scary movies in general.

31. Last movie you watched? Dallas Buyers Club

32. What color shirt are you wearing? Navy blue

33. Summer or winter? Summer

34. Hugs or kisses? Depends on who they are from 🙂

35. Computer or television? Computer

36. What book are you reading right now? I currently have 3 books going–The Antidote, The Hobbit and The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series book #4

37. What’s on your mouse pad? It’s plain blue with a gel wrist thing.

38. What color is your house? Red

39. What color is your car? Silver

40. What’s one motto you live by? Be kind to everyone and be true to yourself.


Question of the day

Go ahead and answer some of these questions about yourself below.  I want to know more about YOU!

Boston Marathon Training: Week 11 Update

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Are you wearing green today? 🙂  I actually forgot, but my excuse is that I am almost all Irish, so I celebrate my Irish heritage everyday, that’s a good enough excuse right??  Well, here we are back at Monday and another week of training has passed. Just 5 short weeks until race day!   I have to admit, I am really ready for the race to get here.  At the end of the week, I couldn’t swallow and thought I was getting strep throat again, and sure enough, I tested positive for the 3rd time in 4 months. I haven’t had strep since I was a very young child and now, I can’t get rid of it.  In addition to that, I am just plain tired. I am not one to complain a lot, but I will be really happy when I can get a bit more rest after this race is over.  I think running in the freezing cold temps have taken their toll on my psyche.

Week: 3/10-3/16

Monday: I took a total rest day, I wanted to go to yoga during lunch but I had a meeting scheduled, so I couldn’t attend my normal class. I really missed it, but I think it did my body some good to have a full rest day.

Tuesday: 10 miles on the treadmill, I had to stop twice to stretch out my calves.  I can really tell that I missed my PT appointment on Friday, it’s amazing how much those appointments help my calves feel almost normal. I didn’t snap a picture because of course, at the 6.3 mile mark, I accidentally hit the emergency button and had to restart the treadmill. I do this far too often, anyone else?

Wednesday: I was signed up for the early morning spin class at my work gym but the instructor was sick and they couldn’t find a sub for the class so I rode the bike on my own, getting in 15 miles.  I used the spin bikes instead of the normal bike trainers at the gym and I think it gave me a much better workout.

Thursday: I did a yoga class in the morning and then taught my normal Thursday night Group Power class. I go through stages with teaching when I really love it and am just okay with it, I am in a love it phase and every class lately has been packed and SO much fun to teach. I feel like the members are really enjoying themselves and are working really hard, I love seeing that! 

Friday: Today was the first day I was officially allowed to do any kind of “speed work.”  I did 9 miles, with the last 3 at tempo pace, I have to say, I was flying high on endorphins with those last 3 miles, it felt SO good to push the pace into the mid 8’s! 

9 mile fri run

Saturday: I took a full rest day, I just was not feeling all that great and even on the antibiotics, I couldn’t swallow without feeling like I had a million tiny shards of glass in my throat, so I just focused on trying to hydrate and relax. I had a previously scheduled appointment to cash in a Groupon I bought on my birthday (more on that later this week) so I did that and then came back home and rested until we went to our friends house for game night. I really wanted to stay home and sleep, but we have been talking with a few friends about doing a game night and everyone was free on Saturday night, so I didn’t want to be a party pooper, so I rallied and went, it was a total blast and I’m so glad I went.

Sunday: I was totally dreading this workout all weekend. I wasn’t feeling great and I was just plain tired.  When I woke up on Sunday, it was FREEZING cold out.  On Saturday, it was mild and in the 50’s, perfect running weather, but on Sunday it was barely 20 degrees and the wind was relentless.  I waited until noon to head out for my run. I was layered up and had my new head/face mask on and thankfully after a few miles, I didn’t feel so bad and got into a groove.  I was listening to my audio book and just putting one foot in front of the other.  It was not an easy run for me and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but I got it done.  When I got back home, I was so happy I could shower, thrown on my compression socks and be in my pjs from the rest of the day!

19 mile sun run

Total mileage: 38 miles

Plan for Next Week

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 8 miles

Wednesday: X-train

Thursday: Rest/Teach GP

Friday: 11 miles, last 2 at tempo

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Split run, 9 miles in the am, 10 in the PM with 2 meals in between runs


Question of the day

Is anyone else feeling worn down with their training? How do you push through?

Things I’m Loving XX-Race Edition Link Up

Hi friends!  It’s Friday and I’m doing a little something different with Things I’m Loving this week, I’m linking up with 3 bloggers that I read regularly,  Eat Pray Run, DCYou Signed Up for What?!, and Mar on the Run for their  Friday Five.


This week’s theme is races, so I put together a list of 5 races I want to (someday) run, in no particular order.

tough mudder

Running a 10-12 mile race filled with obstacles designed to test your all-around strength and stamina and touted as the “premier obstacle course series in the world?”  Yes, please! I have had a few friends run this race and the LOVED it, so it is defiantly on my must try list.


I really want to run a Runner’s World Festival.  I am lucky to live in a pretty great running area, so they are actually coming to Boston this June.  While I don’t know if I will run this particular race this year, I do really want to see how RW puts on a race, I can only imagine it would be incredible!


I have done the regular Spartan race with some friends a few years back and had a blast, so I’d love to try their Beast series which is a 12+ mile race  with 25+ obstacles.  This is their hardest race series and I had 2 friends do this last year and say it was super tough.  Can you tell I love challenges?

  • A Trail Race

I REALLY want to experience some trail running.  I’ve been saying it for a few years now, but I am just really drawn to trail running, even though I’ve never run on a trail, unless you count the rail trail near us, which isn’t really a trail.  I think because I love hiking, I think I would really enjoy running trails, so post marathon I am going to be on the search for some running trails near my house.  Warmer weather, beautiful scenery, and fresh air = a happy me!


Getting doused with bright-colored powder while running with your friends, sounds like a good time to me!  I am thinking this would be a great first 5k for my BFF who has just started running and setting her sights on potentially running a race in the future.  Plus, going to Holi in India during the color festival is on my bucket list, so this could provide me with a little experience! 🙂


Question of the day

Tell me what races you want to run?